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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
5,004 gross 1874 at Belfast by Harland & Wolff White Star Line 455ft x 45.2ft x 33.8ft 
 Year Departure ArrivalRemarks
 1874  Feb. 3, launched, along with her sister ship, the Germanic, she was to become a record breaker of the so called "Oceanic class"Atlantic Journey ID 3699
 1874  June 25, maiden voyage Liverpool - Queenstown - New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 3700
 1874  Liverpool  June 25  New York  July 04 Transatlantc ID
 1875  Liverpool  May 13  New York  May 23 Transatlantc ID
 1875  Liverpool  July 22  New York  July 31 Transatlantc ID
 1875  Liverpool  Aug. 26  New York  Sept. 04 Transatlantc ID
 1876  Had propeller-shaft alterations, as her adjustable propeller shaft which could be raised or lowered to increase thrust had not been a successAtlantic Journey ID 3701
 1876  Liverpool  June 08  New York  June 17 Transatlantc ID
 1876  Liverpool  July 13  New York  July 22 Transatlantc ID
 1876  Liverpool  Aug. 31  New York  Sept. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1876  Liverpool  Sept. 21  New York  Sept. 30 Transatlantc ID
 1876  Record crossing passage Liverpool - New York, 7 days, 13 hours and 11 min.Atlantic Journey ID 3702
 1876  Liverpool  Oct. 26  New York  Nov. 04 7,5 day journey from QueenstownTransatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool  Apr. 26  New York  May 05 Transatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool  May 31  New York  June 10 Transatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool  July 05  New York  July 15 Transatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool  Aug. 09  New York  Aug. 17 7,5 days journey across the OceanTransatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool  Sept. 13  New York  Sept. 22 Transatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool  Oct. 18  New York  Oct. 28 Transatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool  Nov. 22  New York  Dec. 01 Transatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  Apr. 11  New York  Apr. 20 Transatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  May 16  New York  May 25 Transatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  June 20  New York  June 29 Transatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  July 25  New York  Aug. 03 Transatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  Aug. 29  New York  Sept. 07 Transatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  Oct. 03  New York  Oct. 12 Transatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  Nov. 07  New York  Nov. 17 Transatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  Dec. 12  New York  Dec. 21 Agent Hr. Frederik Lie, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  Mar. 27  New York  Apr. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  May 01  New York  May 10 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool     New York  June 13 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool     New York  July 19 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 23 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  Sept. 18  New York  Sept. 27 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  Oct. 23  New York  Nov. 02 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  Nov. 27  New York  Dec. 06 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  Jan. 01  New York  Jan. 11 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 24 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  May 20  New York  May 29 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  June 24  New York  July 03 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  July 29  New York  Aug. 07 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  Sept. 02  New York  Sept. 11 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  Oct. 07  New York  Oct. 16 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  Nov. 11  New York  Nov. 21 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  Dec. 16  New York  Dec. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1881  Collided with the "Julia" off BelfastAtlantic Journey ID 3703
 1881  Liverpool  Feb. 24  New York  Mar. 04 Transatlantc ID
 1881  March 31: departed Liverpool, collided with a schooner in the River Mersey, no lives lostAtlantic Journey ID 9328
 1881  Liverpool  May 05  New York  May 14 Also reported arrive on 1881-05-15Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  June 09  New York  June 18 Transatlantc ID
 1881  June 25: departed from New York for Liverpool; July 4: stranded in fog at Kilmore, Ireland, causing a hole in her No. 2 compartment, all the passenger were safely landed at WaterfordAtlantic Journey ID 3704
 1881  July 8: refloatedAtlantic Journey ID 9329
 1881  July 9: beached in five fathoms at the South Bay of Wexford after starting leaking againAtlantic Journey ID 9330
 1881  Liverpool  Sept. 22  New York  Oct. 01 Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  Oct. 27  New York  Nov. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 11 Queenstown 1881-12-02Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 26 Arrived Sunday morning at 08:30Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 29 Arrived at 05:00 morning - Also reported arrive 1882-04-30Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  May 25  New York  June 03 Arrived New York at 18:00 afternoonTransatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool     New York  July 08 Arrived at 16:00 afternoonTransatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 12 Arrived at 08:30 morning after crossing the Ocean in 7 days and 20 hoursTransatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 16 Arrived at 18:00 eveningTransatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  Oct. 12  New York  Oct. 21 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 26 Queenstown 1882-11-17, 474 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  Dec. 21  New York  Dec. 30 Transatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Mar. 20  New York  Mar. 29 Arrived at 11:00 morning after crossing the Ocean in 7 days and 19 hoursTransatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 29 Arrived at 02:00 nightTransatlantc ID
 1883  May 29: Had to return to Queenstown with a crank shaft cut of order, her mails and some of the passengers were forwarded on the S/S RepublicAtlantic Journey ID 9331
 1883  Liverpool     New York  June 10 Passing Ireland June 3rd and arrived in New York Sunday evening at 20:00. Onboard were 1100 passengers. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in only 7 days and 12 hours.Transatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Aug. 02  New York  Aug. 11 Arrived at 02:00 nightTransatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Sept. 07  New York  Sept. 15 Transatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Oct. 11  New York  Oct. 20 Transatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Nov. 15  New York  Nov. 25 Arrived at 05:00 morningTransatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Dec. 20  New York  Dec. 30 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 04 Jan. 13 - Jan 20 from NorwayTransatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Feb. 28  New York  Mar. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Apr. 03  New York  Apr. 12 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool     New York  June 21 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  July 17  New York  July 25 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Aug. 21  New York  Aug. 30 Arrived at 03:00 early morningTransatlantc ID
 1884  Aug. 30: Arrived New York, due to a disagreement between the Commissioners of Emigration and the agents of the White Star Line the passengers were landed at West Street and were not allowed to enter Castle Garden to be registered and protectedAtlantic Journey ID 9332
 1884  Liverpool  Sept. 25  New York  Oct. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Oct. 11, departed from New York for Queenstown, arrived at Oct. 11 after running a distance of 2852 knots in 7 days, 12 hrs., 17 min., at an average speed of 15.85 knotsAtlantic Journey ID 3705
 1884  Liverpool  Oct. 30  New York  Nov. 09 ?? arrival 1884-11-10Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Dec. 04  New York  Dec. 14 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 21 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 28 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 25 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  May 23 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  June 20 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  July 25 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 22 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 17 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 10 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 06 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 06 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Mar. 26: Departed Liverpool for New York; Apr. 1: returned to Queenstown under canvas with only one engine working after breaking her forward crank shaft. Went back to LiverpoolAtlantic Journey ID 9333
 1886  Apr 14: Arrived New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 9334
 1886  Liverpool     New York  May 29 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  June 26 Arrived at 05:00 in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  July 24 Arrived at 19:00 eveningTransatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 22 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 25 1040 passengers arrived N.Y Saturday morningTransatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 23 630 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 21 620 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 20 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1887  Collided with the Celtic off Sandy Hook on way to Liverpool, returned to New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 3706
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 22 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 19 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 18 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 15 Arrived in the morning having 1026 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  May 13 Arrived 06:00 morning having 1160 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  July 08 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 05 Arrived Friday morning 05:00 having 725 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 02 Arrived at nightTransatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 30 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 28 Arrived in the morning having 900 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 24 Transatlantc ID
 1888  March, crossed from Sandy Hook to Queenstown in only 7 days, 9 hours and 30 min.Atlantic Journey ID 3707
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 06 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  May 04 Arrived on a Friday morningTransatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  June 01 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool  June 20  New York  June 29 Also reported arrive 1888-06-28Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  July 27 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 24 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 21 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 15 Transatlantc ID
 1888  In 10 voyages during 1888 the "Britannic" averaged 7 days, 15 hours, 21 minutesAtlantic Journey ID 3708
 1889  Collided with the brig "Czarawitz" at Liverpool BayAtlantic Journey ID 3709
 1889  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 16 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 15 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 12 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  May 10 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  June 07 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  July 06 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 02 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 29 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 27 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 25 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 22 Also reported arrive 1889-11-21Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 20 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 14 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 15 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  May 03 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  May 29 Arrived on a Thursday morningTransatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  June 27 Arrived on a Friday morningTransatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  July 25 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 22 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 23 ?? Arrival dateTransatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 17 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 17 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 13 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 08 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool  Mar. 04  New York  Mar. 12 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 10 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool     New York  May 08 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool  May 24  New York  June 05 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool  June 24  New York  July 03 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool     New York  July 30 Transatlantc ID
 1891  August, crossed from New York to Queenstown in 7 days, 6 hours and 52 min, as a best performance ever by the ship, now being 18 years old.Atlantic Journey ID 3711
 1891  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 28 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 26 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool  Oct. 14  New York  Oct. 23 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 20 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 21 Transatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 15 Transatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool     New York  May 13 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool     New York  June 11 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool  June 29  New York  July 08 Arrived on a Friday morningTransatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 12 Transatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1892  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 31 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool  Jan. 18  New York  Jan. 29 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool  Feb. 15  New York  Feb. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 24 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool  Apr. 13  New York  Apr. 22 Also reported arrive 1893-04-21Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool     New York  May 19 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool  July 12  New York  July 20 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool  Aug. 09  New York  Aug. 17 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 15 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 12 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool  Nov. 01  New York  Nov. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 08 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 07 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool  Apr. 25  New York  May 04 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool     New York  June 01 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool     New York  June 29 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool     New York  July 26 Also reported arrive 1894-07-27Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool  July 18  New York  July 26 Also reported arrive 1894-07-27Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool  Aug. 15  New York  Aug. 24 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool  Sept. 12  New York  Sept. 21 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool  Oct. 10  New York  Oct. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool  Nov. 14  New York  Nov. 24 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Liverpool  Dec. 12  New York  Dec. 22 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 16 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 13 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool     New York  May 11 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool  May 29  New York  June 08 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool     New York  July 12 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 06 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool  Sept. 25  New York  Oct. 04 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool  Oct. 23  New York  Nov. 01 Transatlantc ID
 1895  Liverpool  Nov. 27  New York  Dec. 06 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 03 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 31 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 28 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool  Mar. 18  New York  Mar. 28 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 24 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool  May 13  New York  May 22 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool  June 10  New York  June 19 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool  July 08  New York  July 17 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool  Aug. 05  New York  Aug. 13 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool  Sept. 02  New York  Sept. 10 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool  Sept. 30  New York  Oct. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Liverpool  Nov. 25  New York  Dec. 03 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 02 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  Jan. 20  New York  Jan. 29 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 27 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  Mar. 17  New York  Mar. 26 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  Apr. 14  New York  Apr. 23 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  May 12  New York  May 20 Also reported arrive 1897-05-21Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  June 09  New York  June 18 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  July 14  New York  July 22 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  Aug. 11  New York  Aug. 20 Also reported arrive 1897-08-19Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  Sept. 08  New York  Sept. 16 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  Oct. 06  New York  Oct. 14 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  Nov. 03  New York  Nov. 13 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Liverpool  Dec. 08  New York  Dec. 18 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Jan. 5: departed Liverpool for New York via Queenstown (Capt. Herbert James Haddock)Atlantic Journey ID 13293
 1898  Jan. 15: arrived New York from Liverpool via Queenstown (Capt. Herbert James Haddock)Atlantic Journey ID 13292
 1898  Liverpool  Feb. 02  New York  Feb. 11 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 10 Also reported arrive 1898-03-11Transatlantc ID
 1898  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 08 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Liverpool     New York  May 06 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Liverpool  May 25  New York  June 03 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Liverpool     New York  July 01 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Liverpool  July 27  New York  Aug. 04 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 02 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Liverpool  Sept. 21  New York  Sept. 30 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 28 Transatlantc ID
 1898  Nov. 23: departed Liverpool for New York via Queenstown (Capt. Herbert James Haddock)Atlantic Journey ID 13290
 1898  Dec. 4: arrived New York from Liverpool via Queenstown (Capt. Herbert James Haddock)Atlantic Journey ID 13291
 1898  Dec. 21: departed Liverpool for New York via Queenstown (Capt. Herbert James Haddock)Atlantic Journey ID 13289
 1899  Jan.1: arrived New York from Liverpool via Queenstown (Capt. Herbert James Haddock)Atlantic Journey ID 13288
 1899  Liverpool  Jan. 18  New York  Jan. 28 Transatlantc ID
 1899  Liverpool  Feb. 15  New York  Feb. 25 Estimated date of arrivalTransatlantc ID
 1899  Liverpool  Mar. 29  New York  Apr. 08 Transatlantc ID
 1899  Liverpool  Apr. 26  New York  May 06 Transatlantc ID
 1899  Liverpool  May 24  New York  June 02 Transatlantc ID
 1899  Liverpool  June 21  New York  June 30 Transatlantc ID
 1899  July 19: departed Liverpool for New York via Queenstown (Capt. Bertram F. Hayes)Atlantic Journey ID 13287
 1899  July 28: arrived New York from Liverpool via Queenstown (Capt. Bertram F. Hayes)Atlantic Journey ID 13286
 1899  Aug. 16: departed Liverpool for New York via Queenstown (Capt. Bertram F. Hayes)Atlantic Journey ID 13284
 1899  Aug. 25: arrived New York from Liverpool via Queenstown - last voyage before she became a Boer War transport (Capt. Bertram F. Hayes)Atlantic Journey ID 13285
 1899  Became Boer War transport # 62Atlantic Journey ID 3710
 1899  Oct. 24: departed Liverpool for QueenstownAtlantic Journey ID 10677
 1899  Oct. 26: departed Queenstown for Cape TownAtlantic Journey ID 10678
 1899  Oct. 31: at Las PalmasAtlantic Journey ID 10682
 1899  Nov 14: Arrived at Cape Town with the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles and RAMC (16th Bearer Company) for the Boer WarAtlantic Journey ID 10679
 1899  Nov. 16: Departed Cape Town with the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles for East LondonAtlantic Journey ID 10680
 1899  Dec. 9: Departed Cape Town for EnglandAtlantic Journey ID 10681
 1899  Dec. 20: Departed St. Vincent for Southampton Atlantic Journey ID 10683
 1900  Jan. 7: Departed Southampton with the 2nd Cheshire Regt., RAMC (19th Bearer Co.) members of the Hospital Staff, 5th Div.Atlantic Journey ID 10684
 1900  Jan. 15: arrived at St. VincentAtlantic Journey ID 10685
 1900  Jan. 27: arrived at Cape TownAtlantic Journey ID 10686
 1900  Feb. 12: departed Cape Town for Southampton with invalids from the Boer WarAtlantic Journey ID 10687
 1900  Mar. 3: arrived at Southampton with invalids (3 officers and 52 men)Atlantic Journey ID 10688
 1900  Mar. 15: departed Southampton with 30 officers, 1 warrant officer, 1,087 men and 3 horsesAtlantic Journey ID 10689
 1900  Apr. 5: arrived at Cape Town Atlantic Journey ID 10690
 1900  Apr. 11: arrived at Table Bay from Algoa Bay, Atlantic Journey ID 10691
 1900  Apr. 28: departed Cape Town for England with sick and wounded from the Boer WarAtlantic Journey ID 10692
 1900  May 23: departed Southampton with 56 officers and 1,038 men for Cape TownAtlantic Journey ID 10693
 1900  June 11: arrived at Cape TownAtlantic Journey ID 10694
 1900  July 4: departed Cape Town for Southampton with invalids (29 officers and 505 men)Atlantic Journey ID 10695
 1900  Aug 9: departed Southampton with officers and men for the Boer WarAtlantic Journey ID 10696
 1900  Aug 28: arrived at Table BayAtlantic Journey ID 10697
 1900  Oct. 6: departed Cape Town for England with passengers, many sick and woundedAtlantic Journey ID 10698
 1900  Oct. 28: arrived at Southampton from Cape Town Atlantic Journey ID 10699
 1900  November, painted white for a voyage to represent Great Britain at inauguration of Australian Commonwealth.Atlantic Journey ID 3712
 1900  Nov. 12: Departed Southampton for AustraliaAtlantic Journey ID 10724
 1900  Nov. 21: arrived Malta, the about 100 troops were paraded on shoreAtlantic Journey ID 10726
 1900  Nov. 23: arrived Port SaidAtlantic Journey ID 10727
 1900  Nov. 29: at AdenAtlantic Journey ID 10728
 1900  Dec. 13: arrived Freemantle via Malta and Suez with the Imperial troops for the Commonwealth celebrationsAtlantic Journey ID 10723
 1900  Dec. 22: arrived at SydneyAtlantic Journey ID 10729
 1901  Jan. 15: departed Sydney for BrisbaneAtlantic Journey ID 10730
 1901  Jan. 16: arrived Brisbane, anchored in Moreton BayAtlantic Journey ID 10731
 1901  Jan. 20: departed BrisbaneAtlantic Journey ID 10732
 1901  Jan. 22: arrived at HobartAtlantic Journey ID 10733
 1901  Jan. 24: departed Hobart for MelbourneAtlantic Journey ID 10734
 1901  Jan. 26: arrived at MelbourneAtlantic Journey ID 10735
 1901  Jan. 31: departed Melbourne for New ZealandAtlantic Journey ID 10736
 1901  Feb. 5: arrived at the Bluff, New Zealand. The Imperial Troops disembarked at InvercargillAtlantic Journey ID 10737
 1901  Feb. 9: arrived at Wellington with the Imperial TroopsAtlantic Journey ID 10738
 1901  Feb. 14: departed WellingtonAtlantic Journey ID 10739
 1901  Feb. 26: arrived at Adelaide. The Imperial troops marched in review order through the city and took part in the ceremonial in connection with the proclamation of King EdwardAtlantic Journey ID 10740
 1901  March 1: departed Largs Bay, Adelaide for Fremantle, Western AustraliaAtlantic Journey ID 10741
 1901  March 6: arrived Fremantle, anchored at Gage Roads. Due to the of the prevalence of plague in Perth the Imperial Troops were not allowed to land, and the ship departed again after bunkering 105 tons of waterAtlantic Journey ID 10742
 1901  Apr. 1: aground at Lake Timsah, Suez Canal, was refloated after about 1 weekAtlantic Journey ID 10743
 1901  Apr. 25: arrived Southampton Atlantic Journey ID 10745
 1901  July 7: departed East London, South Africa with returning soldiers to AustraliaAtlantic Journey ID 10744
 1901  July 20: arrived at Albany from South Africa with soldiers from the Boer WarAtlantic Journey ID 10746
 1901  July 27: arrived at the Semaphore anchorage at Adelaide with the Imperial Bushmen on board. 86 cases of measles - quarantinedAtlantic Journey ID 10722
 1901  July 29: arrived at Melbourne with troopsAtlantic Journey ID 10747
 1901  Aug. 8: arrived at Sidney with members of the New South Wales and Queensland Troops from South AfricaAtlantic Journey ID 10748
 1901  Aug. 5: arrived at Moreton Bay, Brisbane Atlantic Journey ID 10749
 1901  Aug. 6: departed Moreton Bay, Brisbane for Sydney Atlantic Journey ID 10750
 1901  Aug. 20: departed Sydney, embarked about 300 soldiers for South Africa while lying off Neutral BayAtlantic Journey ID 10700
 1901  Aug. 28: arrived Melbourne (Hobsons Bay) from Sydney, embarked 108 Victorian soldiers, departed for South AfricaAtlantic Journey ID 10752
 1901  Sept. 1: called at Albany for coal and water on way to South AfricaAtlantic Journey ID 10751
 1901  Sept. 22: arrived at Cape Town from AustraliaAtlantic Journey ID 10701
 1901  Sept. 27: departed South Africa for England (with invalids from the Boer War)Atlantic Journey ID 10702
 1901  Oct. 18: arrived at Southampton Atlantic Journey ID 10703
 1901  Nov 10: departed Southampton with 31 officers, 958 men, 39 women, and 3 children for South AfricaAtlantic Journey ID 10704
 1901  Dec. 7: departed South Africa for England with invalids from the Boer WarAtlantic Journey ID 10705
 1901  Dec. 26: arrived at Southampton Atlantic Journey ID 10706
 1902  Jan. 11: departed Southampton with 30 officers, 22 nurses for the concentration camps, and 625 men Atlantic Journey ID 10707
 1902  Jan. 15: called at Gibraltar to embark 7 officers and 442 men, transshipped from the City of Venice, departed for the CapeAtlantic Journey ID 10708
 1902  Feb. 19: departed South Africa for EnglandAtlantic Journey ID 10709
 1902  Feb. 26: called at St. Helena to disembark 39 Boer prisoners, including General Ben ViljoenAtlantic Journey ID 10710
 1902  Mar. 9: called at Gibralter to disembark 4 officers and 100 men before sailing on to SouthamptonAtlantic Journey ID 10711
 1902  Mar. 13: arrived at Southampton with 650 men from the Boer War Atlantic Journey ID 10712
 1902  Mar. 26: departed Southampton with 63 officers and 864 men for the Boer WarAtlantic Journey ID 10713
 1902  Apr. 21; departed South Africa for England Atlantic Journey ID 10714
 1902  May 9; arrived at Southampton from South AfricaAtlantic Journey ID 10715
 1902  May 28; departed Southampton with officers and men for South Africa Atlantic Journey ID 10716
 1902  July 6: departed Point Natal for Albany, Melbourne and Wellington Atlantic Journey ID 10717
 1902  July 20: arrived Albany with about 1000 troops from Durban, coaled and proceeded for Melbourne July 23.Atlantic Journey ID 10725
 1902  July 27: arrived Melbourne (Hobsons Bay), landed Victorian troops, took on storage and proceeded for WellingtonAtlantic Journey ID 10753
 1902  Aug. 1: arrived Wellington - allegations of overcrowding and men being ill-fed, hospital full of sick men, deats from epidemic diseasesAtlantic Journey ID 10754
 1902  Aug. 6: arrived at Auckland yd from Natal, departed for SydneyAtlantic Journey ID 10718
 1902  Aug. 10: arrived at SydneyAtlantic Journey ID 10719
 1902  Aug. 21: departed Sydney for South AfricaAtlantic Journey ID 10755
 1902  Aug. 29: called at AlbanyAtlantic Journey ID 10756
 1902  Oct. 7: departed South Africa for Southampton Atlantic Journey ID 10720
 1902  Oct. 28: arrived Southampton with troops from South Africa,Atlantic Journey ID 10721
 1902  October: condemned after examination at BelfastAtlantic Journey ID 3713
 1903  Sold for 11,500 for scrapping, towed to HamburgAtlantic Journey ID 3714
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges

Britannic (1), White Star Line steamship - at Liverpool
Britannic (1), White Star Line steamship - at Liverpool
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Britannic (1), White Star Line steamship
Britannic (1), White Star Line steamship
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Steerage plan - Britannic (1) and Germanic
Steerage plan - Britannic (1) and Germanic
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When launched the Britannic was the largest ship afloat next to the Great Eastern. She had in all three decks, two of which were made of iron, covered with a planking of wood. The hull was divided into eight watertight compartments, or bulkheads, extending from the upper deck to the keel. An iron covering, called a "turtle back" protected the vessel forward and aft.

The main saloon was situated amidships together with the first-class state rooms. They were entered from the middle deck-house. The stairs leading down to them and to the promenade deck above was unusually wide and easy. Along the upper decks were iron houses for the officers and the engineers' cabins, in addition to cooking galleys, icehouses, smoking-rooms, and other conveniences. From the deck to the main saloon she had a handsome and commodious stairway. The upper portion at the entrance formed a large room, like a lobby, which was furnished with sofas and chairs, and abutting on this compartment was the smoking-room, decorated and fitted in a luxurious style. The grand salon was situated on the main deck, extending across the ship with a diameter of 73 feet by 43 feet. The saloon was lighted from above by a large skylight, in addition to the ordinary port lights. Two hundred persons could be seated in the saloon which had five rows of tables. The saloon was heated by a large open tire-place as well as by hot air, and was furnished with a piano and library. Every portion of the vessel was thoroughly ventilated and hot or cold air could be driven to every stateroom by means of a large fan worked by steam. The promenade deck for the first-class passengers was 168 feet long by 40 feet wide. The sleeping cabins were situated immediately before and abaft the saloon, and accommodated two passengers each, though a few family rooms were also provided. The sleeping-rooms were fitted with every convenience and were well ventilated and lighted. Under the first-class cabins and communicating with them by an easy staircase, were bathrooms, barber shop, rooms for servants, and steward's wine cellars and store-rooms, baggage compartments, mailroom, and an iron-room for specie. The promenade-deck for the first-class passengers was 168 feet long by 40 feet wide, and was on top of the middle house. It had in it a deck-house containing a light and spacious saloon for ladies.

The steerage apartments were sufficiently large to accommodate 1,200 emigrants. Like the other vessels of the White Star Line, the Britannic was rigged with four pole-masts, carrying a large spread of canvas.

She was built by Harland & Wolf, but her machinery was constructed by Maudsley, Sons & Field. She had two four cylinder compound inverted engines, of 800 nominal and 4.000 effective horsepower, with eight boilers, thirty-two furnaces, and two funnels. Each engine was fitted with two pair of cylinders with a diameter of 48 and 83 inches, which gave a 60 inch stroke of piston. The two engines were entirely unconnected one with the other, except at the bed-plate, which supported the shaft. It was claimed that engines of this class would have many advantages over the ordinary compound or two-cylinder engines in case of an accident to either engine or boiler.

The Britannic had several peculiarities of construction, but the principal feature was the lifting screw. It was placed at the bottom of the vessel, a course which was adopted in order to prevent it accumulating motion by being lifted out of the water. The blades of the screw were eight feet long, and the draught of the ship was thus increased that much when she was in mid ocean, but when she approached shallow water the screw had to be lifted until the blades were even with the keel. This was accomplished without stopping the revolution of the screw, by special machinery. The idea was that in stormy weather, with heavy pitching of the vessel the screw should never be raised completely out of the water. The lifting screw was however not a success, and it was removed in 1876. Another new feature was the collision bulkhead. It consisted of a watertight space immediately aft of the bows. This space was carried from the keel to the upper deck, and extended far above the water-line. She also had a new steering apparatus, which gave one man the power of twenty-eight according to the old system. This apparatus was on the main-deck and in the forward part of the vessel. The ship could also be steered from the wheel-house aft in case of any derangement of the steam gear.

The length of the vessel from stem to stern was 455 feet; breadth of beam, 45 feet, depth of hold, 34 feet; and registered tonnage, about 4,750 tons, gross tonnage about 5,080 tons.

Four-cylinder compound inverted engine, S/S Britannic (1), White Star Line
The four-cylinder compound inverted engine on the Britannic, with cylinders 48 and 83 inch diameter and stroke of 60 inches. Each pair of cylinders could be used as an independent engine in case of breakdown

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The Blue Riband, Charles E. Lee


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