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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
4,607 gross 1873 at Glasgow by Tod & McGregor Inman Line 440.8ft x 43.5ft 
 Year Departure ArrivalRemarks
 1873  Feb. 15, launchedAtlantic Journey ID 6811
 1873  Sept. 4, maiden voyage Liverpool - New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 3237
 1874  Liverpool  Aug. 20  New York  Aug. 29 Agent Hr. D. Connelly, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1874  Liverpool  Sept. 24  New York  Oct. 04 Agent Hr. D. Connelly, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1875  Liverpool     New York  May 16 Transatlantc ID
 1875  Liverpool  June 11  New York  June 20 Transatlantc ID
 1875  Liverpool     New York  July 24 Crossing the Ocean in 7,5 daysTransatlantc ID
 1875  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 28 Crossing the Ocean in 8 daysTransatlantc ID
 1876  Liverpool     New York  June 11 Crossing the Ocean in 8,5 daysTransatlantc ID
 1876  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 29 Crossing the Ocean in 8,5 daysTransatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool     New York  June 17 Arrived New York in the morning after a journey of 8,5 daysTransatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool  July 12  New York  July 21 Transatlantc ID
 1877  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 29 7,5 days journey across the OceanTransatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 06 Crossing the Ocean in 8 daysTransatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool     New York  June 15 Transatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  July 12  New York  July 20 Crossing the Ocean in 8 daysTransatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  Aug. 16  New York  Aug. 24 Crossing the Ocean in 8 daysTransatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool  Sept. 19  New York  Sept. 29 Arrived at 10:00 late morningTransatlantc ID
 1878  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 03 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 26 Also reported arrive 1879-04-27Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool     New York  May 31 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  June 26  New York  July 05 Agent Hr. D. Connelly, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  Sept. 04  New York  Sept. 13 885 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 18 Queenstown 1879-10-10 - 790 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 11 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool     New York  May 15 Queenstown 1880-05-07, 1325 passengers arrived New York at 18:00 eveningTransatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool     New York  June 20 Queenstown 1880-06-11, arrived New York at 11:00 noonTransatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool     New York  July 25 Queenstown 1880-07-16, 793 passengers arrived New York at 17:00 evening after a journey of 8 days 11 hours and 40 minTransatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  Aug. 19  New York  Aug. 28 Departure Queenstown 1880-08-20. Arrived in New York at 15:00 afternoonTransatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 02 Queenstown 1880-09-24, arrived New York at 19:00 evening after a journey of 8 days 1 hour and 30 min.Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 07 Queenstown 1880-10-29, 570 passengers arrived New York at 06:00 morning after a journey of 8 days 13 hours and 30 min.Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 15 Queenstown 1881-01-07, 162 passengers arrived New York at 15:00 afternoon after a journey of 7 days 22 hours and 35 min.Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 21 Queenstown 1881-02-11, 280 passengers arrived New York at 13:00 afternoonTransatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 27 Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool     New York  May 08 Queenstown 1881-04-29, arrived New York at 15:00 evening after a journey of 8 days 22 hours and 10 min.Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool     New York  June 10 Queenstown 1881-06-01, arrived New York at 07:00 morning after a journey of 8 days 14 hours and 10 min.Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  July 08  New York  July 17 Queenstown 1881-07-08, 695 passengers arrived New York at 16:00 evening after crossing the Ocean in 8 days 23 hours and 10 min.Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  Aug. 10  New York  Aug. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  Sept. 15  New York  Sept. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  Apr. 13  New York  Apr. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  May 17  New York  May 26 Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  June 23  New York  July 03 Also reported arrive 1882-07-04Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 04 Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  Sept. 19  New York  Sept. 29 Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 04 Queenstown 1882-10-25, arrived New York at 19:00 evening after crossing the Ocean in 9 days 2 hours and 3 min.Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 08 Queenstown 1882-11-29, 238 passengers arrived New York at 22:00 eveningTransatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Feb. 08  New York  Feb. 16 Arrived New York in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  May 09  New York  May 19 Arrived New York at 03:00 morningTransatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  June 13  New York  June 22 Also reported arrive 1883-06-21Transatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 31 Queenstown 1883-05-22, 660 passengers arrived in New York at 21:00 evening after crossing the Ocean in 8 days 1 hour and 15 min.Transatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 05 Queenstown 1883-09-26, 625 passengers arrived in New York at 18:00 evening after crossing the Ocean in 8 days 1 hour and 30 min.Transatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Oct. 30  New York  Nov. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 29 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Apr. 23  New York  May 02 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool     New York  June 06 Queenstown 1884-05-28, 910 passengers - Also reported arrive 1884-06-07Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool     New York  July 11 Queenstown 1884-07-02, 350 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Aug. 05  New York  Aug. 15 Queenstown 1884-08-06, 420 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 19 Queenstown 1884-09-10Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 24 375 passengersTransatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Nov. 18  New York  Nov. 28 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 03 Arrived at 08:00 morningTransatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool  Feb. 24  New York  Mar. 06 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool  Mar. 31  New York  Apr. 13 Also reported arrive 1885-04-12, 795 passengers arrived in New YorkTransatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool  May 05  New York  May 15 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool  June 09  New York  June 19 725 passengers arrived at 22:00 evening after crossing the Ocean in 8 days and 20 min.Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool  July 14  New York  July 23 440 passengers arrived at 18:00 evening after crossing the Ocean in 8 days 12 hours and 50 min.Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool  Aug. 18  New York  Aug. 28 740 passengers arrived at 02:00 morning after crossing the Ocean in 8 days 11 hours and 55 min.Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool  Sept. 22  New York  Oct. 02 525 passengers arrived at 04:00 morning after crossing the Ocean in 8 days 13 hours and 40 min. - Also reported arrive 1885-10-01Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 07 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 13 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool  Jan. 05  New York  Jan. 16 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 20 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  May 07 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  June 11 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  July 15 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Aug. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 24 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     Philadelphia  Feb. 26 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     Philadelphia  Apr. 02 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  May 05 Also reported arrive 1887-05-04Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  June 09 1035 Passengers. Also reported arrive 1887-06-10Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  July 15 555 passengers. Also reported arrive 1887-07-16Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool  Aug. 09  New York  Aug. 18 Also reported arrive 1887-08-19 - 700 passengers arrived at 14:00 afternoonTransatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 21 1145 Passengers. Also reported arrive 1887-09-22Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 26 Also reported arrive 1887-10-27Transatlantc ID
 1887  Liverpool     New York  Dec. 01 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Jan. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Feb. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Mar. 16 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 21 1293 Passengers - Also reported arrive 1888-04-22Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  May 25 Also reported arrive 1888-05-24 and 1888-05-26 - 1278 PassengersTransatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  June 30 Also reported arrive 1888-06-29Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool  Aug. 26  New York  Aug. 04 Also reported arrive 1888-08-03Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Sept. 08 Also reported arrive 1888-09-07Transatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Oct. 11 Also reported arrive 1888-10-12 - Journey of 8 days from EnglandTransatlantc ID
 1888  Liverpool     New York  Nov. 23 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Liverpool     New York  May 13 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 01 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  Apr. 26 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Liverpool     New York  July 19 Also reported arrive 1890-07-20Transatlantc ID
 1891  June 3: departed New York for Liverpool carrying 295 passenger and a crew of 140. She also had a cargo of 2000 balls of cotton.Atlantic Journey ID 14092
 1891  June 9: during the night it was descovered that smoke came up from the cargo hold where the 2000 balls of of cotton were stored, indicating combustion. All passengers were rushed on deck.Atlantic Journey ID 14093
 1891  June 10: The steamer Counsellor came to rescue and later the steamer Servia (Cunard) arrived. The Servia stood by and escorted her to Queenstown where the passengers were disembarked just before the flames broke through.Atlantic Journey ID 14098
 1892  Refitted to be used as a cruise ship carrying 250 1st. class passengers. Service announced as 12 days cruises between Liverpool/Newcastle alternatively London and the fjords along the Norwegian West coastAtlantic Journey ID 14097
 1892  Ownership was transferred to a Norwegain corporation by the name City of Richmond, managed by the shipowner D.S. Meier of Christiania. Atlantic Journey ID 14099
 1892  May 5: departed Liverpool for Norwegian fjords via Newcastle on her first voyage as cruise ship. Hull now painted blue-gray, funnels buff and life boats painted white. Now also fitted for electricityAtlantic Journey ID 14096
 1892  June 22: arrived Bergen with 170 English cruise passenger on her second round tour as a cruise ship. Capt. H. Bentzen, Norwegian ship operating crew and British stewards and servants Atlantic Journey ID 14095
 1896  June: sold to Genua, departed Greenock June 17, arrived Genua July 1. Atlantic Journey ID 14100
 1896  ScrappedAtlantic Journey ID 6813
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
City of Richmond, Inman Line steamship
The City of Richmond with
sails from an old engraving
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City of Richmond - at New York
Photo of City of Richmond - at New York
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The City of Richmond was built in the yard of Messrs. Tod and Macgregor, at Partick, on the Clyde. She was 450 ft. in length over all by 43 ft. beam, and 36 ft. in depth from the spar-deck to the keelson. Her sister vessel was the City of Chester, which was launched the same year, they were the first two funnellers of the company. The engines were on the compound principle, and at the time of launching they were of the largest ever made for the merchant service. The engines could deliver 900 horse power nominal, but were capable of working to 5000 horse power. Like the engines of the City of Chester, they were on the high and low pressure principle, with direct- acting cylinders, the larger 120 in. in diameter, and the smaller 76 in., with a stroke of 5 ft. They were supplied with steam by ten boilers, heated by thirty furnaces. The boilers had surface condensers, and all the other modern means to ensure economy in the consumption of coal and efficient working of the motive power.

Every modern appliance which could in any way contribute to her stability and her safety had been employed. Viewed fore and aft, her lines were described as so beautifully fine that she resembled a very large yacht. She was a full-rigged ship, and carried sufficient canvas to enable her to proceed on her voyage without the use of the machinery. The City of Chester and the City of Richmond were specially built for the passenger trade, and were equipped with the best of what was available at the time, to meet the comfort of the passengers.

City of Richmond - off Liverpool
City of Richmond - on the Mersey off Liverpool
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City of Richmond - at Geiranger
City of Richmond - as a cruise ship at Geiranger
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