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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
2,197 gross 1855 at Glasgow by Tod & McGregor Inman Line 300.5ft x 39.8ft 
 1855 Nov. 10, launched for Glasgow & New York SS CoAtlantic Journey ID 3258
 1855 Dec. 28, maiden voyage Glasgow - New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 3259
 1859 Purchased by Inman Line (along with the Glasgow)Atlantic Journey ID 3263
 1859 June 6: On way from New York to Glasgow struck an iceberg, went to St. Johns, N.F., with two compartments full of water Atlantic Journey ID 9177
 1859 Nov. 23, first voyage Liverpool - Queenstown - New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 3264
 1864 Jan. 25, (Capt. Roskell) rescued 10 of the crew from the drifting bark Eliza Ann of London (Capt. Kearney)Atlantic Journey ID 9216
 1870 Chartered to E. Bates & CoAtlantic Journey ID 3265
 1872 Sold to the Telegraph Construction & Maint. Co, converted to a cable ship with 4 cable tanksAtlantic Journey ID 3266
 1879 Amsterdam - Stoomvaart Mij InsulindeAtlantic Journey ID 3260
 1880 Edinburgh - Adamson & Ronaldson (London - Boston service)Atlantic Journey ID 3261
 1917 ScrappedAtlantic Journey ID 3262
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges

Edinburgh, Inman Line steamship
Edinburgh, Inman Line steamship
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steamship Edinburgh, Inman Line

In 1859 the steamship Edinburgh, on way from New York to Glasgow, arrived at St. Johns, N.F. at 7 o'clock Tuesday, June 6. She had two of her compartments full of water, having struck an iceberg on Monday, June 5, at 11:20 A.M., one hundred and eighty miles east of St. Johns, in a dense fog. The iceberg was first discovered directly ahead, the ship being in lat. 4740 long. 4820. The helm was put hard-a-port, and she passed close alongside without touching the part above water, but struck underwater a little abaft her port bow, and stove in one of her forward plates. The engines were stopped and backed, but the ship had passed the iceberg before her way was stopped. The two foremost compartments filled almost immediately with water. The pumps were quickly set going, and sails and bedding lowered over into the boats. All the male passengers assisted the crew in working the pumps and bailing. There was a dense fog all day Monday and Monday night, with rain; wind fresh, but sea smooth. At noon of Tuesday an observation was taken for the first time for three days, and the ship was found to be in lat. 4742N., long. 5020W.; distance from St. Johns, 47 miles. All hands worked vigorously at the pumps, and bailing to keep the ship from sinking. The water was only kept from flowing into the other compartments by their incessant labor. The passengers spoke in the highest terms of Captain Cummings' conduct throughout. Every preparation was made, even to preparing the small boats and providing them with provisions, clothing, &c. The different boats were distributed and lists of the male passengers were also carefully prepared. The lady passengers sat up all night, ready dressed to embark. By 6 o'clock Tuesday morning, a number of the male passengers had become exhausted, and yet the severe labor imposed upon them was continued until she reached port. All the passengers and crew were safe. The captain spoke of the passengers as having behaved with the utmost coolness, and labored unremittingly for thirty hours.
[New York Times, Thursday, June 9, 1859 - transkr. Jo Anne Sadler]


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