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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
5,495 gross 1880 at Barrow by Barrow Shipbuilding Co. Anchor Line 445.1ft x 44.8ft x 34.6ft 
 Year Departure ArrivalRemarks
 1880  Oct. 19, launchedAtlantic Journey ID 4474
 1881  Feb. 17, maiden voyage Glasgow - Moville - New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 4475
 1881  Glasgow     New York  Apr. 06 Arrived in New York at noonTransatlantc ID
 1881  Glasgow     New York  May 22 Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1881  Glasgow     New York  June 25 Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1881  Glasgow     New York  Aug. 06 Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1881  Glasgow  Sept. 02  New York  Sept. 11 Departure from Moville, arrived at 07:00 morningTransatlantc ID
 1881  Glasgow     New York  Oct. 16 Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1881  Glasgow     New York  Nov. 21 Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1882  Accommodation: 242 1st-class, 136 2nd-class, 981 steerageAtlantic Journey ID 4478
 1882  Glasgow     New York  Apr. 10 Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1882  Glasgow     New York  May 16 Also reported arrive 1882-05-17 - Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1882  Glasgow     New York  Aug. 07 Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1882  Glasgow     New York  Sept. 16 Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1883  Glasgow     New York  Apr. 15 Transatlantc ID
 1883  Glasgow     New York  May 16 Also reported arrive 1883-05-20Transatlantc ID
 1883  Glasgow     New York  July 27 Also reported arrive 1883-07-29Transatlantc ID
 1883  Glasgow     New York  Sept. 01 Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1883  Glasgow     New York  Oct. 06 Also reported arrive 1883-10-07 - Agent Henderson Brothers, ChristianiaTransatlantc ID
 1884  Glasgow  Jan. 18  New York  Jan. 29 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Glasgow  Feb. 29  New York  Mar. 11 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Glasgow  Apr. 11  New York  Apr. 21 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Glasgow  May 23  New York  June 03 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Glasgow  Aug. 15  New York  Aug. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Glasgow  Sept. 26  New York  Oct. 07 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Glasgow  Nov. 07  New York  Nov. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Glasgow  Apr. 30  New York  May 10 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Glasgow  July 09  New York  July 19 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Glasgow  Sept. 17  New York  Sept. 27 Also reported arrive 1885-09-26Transatlantc ID
 1885  Glasgow  Oct. 22  New York  Oct. 31 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Glasgow  Apr. 08  New York  Apr. 18 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Glasgow  June 17  New York  June 27 Transatlantc ID
 1886  Glasgow  Aug. 26  New York  Sept. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Glasgow  Apr. 07  New York  Apr. 17 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Glasgow  June 16  New York  June 26 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Glasgow  July 21  New York  July 31 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Glasgow  Aug. 25  New York  Sept. 03 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Glasgow  Sept. 29  New York  Oct. 09 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Glasgow  Oct. 29  New York  Nov. 13 Transatlantc ID
 1887  Glasgow  Dec. 15  New York  Dec. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Glasgow  Mar. 01  New York  Mar. 11 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Glasgow  Apr. 05  New York  Apr. 15 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Glasgow  May 10  New York  May 20 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Glasgow  June 14  New York  June 24 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Glasgow  July 19  New York  July 29 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Glasgow  Aug. 23  New York  Sept. 02 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Glasgow  Sept. 27  New York  Oct. 07 Transatlantc ID
 1888  Glasgow  Dec. 06  New York  Dec. 16 Transatlantc ID
 1889       New York  Apr. 21 Arrived in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1889  Glasgow Scotland to New York 27 May 1889 Atlantic Journey ID 8354
 1889       New York  Aug. 04 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Glasgow  Aug. 29  New York  Sept. 08 Transatlantc ID
 1889  Glasgow  Nov. 16  New York  Nov. 27 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Glasgow  Apr. 03  New York  Apr. 14 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Glasgow  May 08  New York  May 18 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Glasgow  Aug. 21  New York  Aug. 31 Transatlantc ID
 1890  Glasgow  Sept. 25  New York  Oct. 05 Transatlantc ID
 1891  Rebuilt: new triple expansion engines by D. & W. Henderson Ltd., funnels reduced from two to oneAtlantic Journey ID 4476
 1892       New York  May 01 Transatlantc ID
 1892       New York  June 04 Transatlantc ID
 1892       New York  Aug. 13 Transatlantc ID
 1892       New York  Aug. 18 Transatlantc ID
 1892       New York  Oct. 22 Transatlantc ID
 1892       New York  Nov. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1893       New York  Mar. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Glasgow  Apr. 20  New York  Apr. 29 Transatlantc ID
 1893       New York  June 03 Also reported arrive 1893-06-04Transatlantc ID
 1893  Glasgow  Aug. 03  New York  Aug. 13 Transatlantc ID
 1893       New York  Oct. 20 Transatlantc ID
 1893  Nov. 17, ownership transferred to Anchor LineAtlantic Journey ID 4477
 1894       New York  Feb. 20 Transatlantc ID
 1894  Feb. 22, arrived New York with passengers from the Thingvalla Line steamer Island which had been delayed for repairs at GreenockAtlantic Journey ID 5157
 1894       New York  Aug. 11 Transatlantc ID
 1894       New York  Sept. 15 Transatlantc ID
 1895       New York  Sept. 14 Transatlantc ID
 1896  Glasgow     New York  Apr. 06 Transatlantc ID
 1896       New York  May 09 Transatlantc ID
 1896       New York  June 13 Transatlantc ID
 1896       New York  Sept. 19 Also reported arrive 1896-09-20Transatlantc ID
 1896       New York  Oct. 26 Transatlantc ID
 1897       New York  Feb. 06 Transatlantc ID
 1897  Glasgow     New York  Apr. 04 Also reported arrive 1897-04-02Transatlantc ID
 1897  Glasgow     New York  May 08 Transatlantc ID
 1898       New York  Apr. 04 Transatlantc ID
 1898       New York  May 09 Transatlantc ID
 1902  Glasgow  Apr. 15  New York  Apr. 26 Subm: David LarsonTransatlantc ID
 1902       New York  Oct. 20 Transatlantc ID
 1904       New York  Sept. 04 Transatlantc ID
 1905  Glasgow     New York  Sept. 11 Transatlantc ID
 1909  Accommodation altered to 2nd and 3rd class onlyAtlantic Journey ID 4479
 1911  November, scrapped at BarrowAtlantic Journey ID 4480
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges

(The following information was compiled from Frank Leslie's Illustrated News, - Anchor Line booklet ca. 1880)
The Furnessia, the latest addition to the fleet of Anchor Line, United States Mail Steamers, was built by the Barrow Shipbuilding Company, at Barrow, in Furness, Lancashire, England, and is the largest vessel ever built in England, save the Great Eastern. She is one of the modem type of vessels whose size, speed and comfort, make the passage across the Atlantic a much more easy and agreeable task than was the case in times gone by. Her dimensions are: Length, 445 feet; beam, 44 feet 6 inches; depth of hold, 84 feet 6 inches; gross tonnage, 6,500 tons, and her displacement, when drawing twenty-six feet of water, 9,900 tons. She is brig-rigged and has two funnels. Her engines are 3,500 horse power. The diameter of the propeller is 20 feet 6 inches. The engines are fitted with Roger's patent exhauster, and special fire engines and emergency pumps, for pumping water out of the ship in case of collision or accident, are provided. She is fitted with steam steering gear, steam winches, steam cranes, etc., and her hull is divided into nine water-tight compartments.

It is however, in respect of the extent and nature of the accommodation provided for passengers that the Furnessia is specially worthy of attention. A full description of the passenger arrangements could not be given in a brief notice. We can only refer to a few of the specialties which have been introduced. The promenade deck which stretches from a point nearly amid-ships to the stern of the steamer, is surmounted by a deck-house, of which one-half is utilized as a most comfortable smoking-room. Opposite the entrance to the smoking room is a staircase which descends to the music or drawing-room, on the spar-deck. The furnishings and decorations of the music-room are most tastefully conceived. The walls are lined with panels of walnut and satinwood. The seats around the apartment are upholstered in brown morocco, and around the staircase leading to the main deck are ornamental boxes filled with exotic plants. The music-room is furnished with a handsome Broadwood piano and a Mason and Hamlin organ. Here is also a well-stocked library. A broad, airy corridor, lighted and ventilated by skylights at frequent intervals, leads from the music-room aft, on either side of which are state-rooms elegantly and comfortably fitted-up, having two berths and a sofa in each. Descending from the music-room by a broad staircase, the main or dining-saloon is reached. The portholes of this saloon are hid by window-frames with stained glass, and the carpets, curtains and other accessories, display the same taste and elegance which are everywhere evinced.

The dining-saloon is heated by steam, and is also furnished with two Baltimore heaters, fitted into white marble mantels, which give the apartment a home-like appearance. A corridor, similar to that on the spar deck, stretches from the main saloon alt, also giving access on both sides to state-rooms, which are fitted each for the accommodation of four persons. There are two state cabins furnished with special magnificence, and in place of the ordinary berths elsewhere provided, they are supplied with Parisian electro-plated bedsteads.

The Anchor Line steamship Furnessia before rebuilding in 1891
The S/S Furnessia before rebuilding in 1891
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The S/S Furnessia after rebuilding in 1891
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