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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
102 kl 1849 S. Christophersen, Christiania, Norway  
 1850 Captain S. Christophersen  from Christiania May 3 to New York July 14  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1850 May 3 leaving Christiania for New York with bar iron and passengersAtlantic Journey ID 7816
 1850 May 24 off Start England; from Christiania to New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 7817
 1850 August 24 leaving New York for Kingston, JamaicaAtlantic Journey ID 7818
 1851 February12 off Portland; From the West Indies for London, 32 daysAtlantic Journey ID 7819
 1851 Feb. 21 arrived London from JamaicaAtlantic Journey ID 7820
 1851 Feb. 26 departed London for Christiania, Drammen and Moss, Norway, carrying general goodsAtlantic Journey ID 7821
 1851 March - London from NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 7822
 1851 April 23 London for ChristianiaAtlantic Journey ID 7823
 1851 Captain S. Christophersen  from Christiania June 27 to New York Aug. 30  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1851 May 8 Christiania from London with general cargoAtlantic Journey ID 7824
 1851 July 8 spoken off Benachy Head; from Christiania to New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 7825
 1851 July 13 spoken off the Lizard; steering westAtlantic Journey ID 7826
 1851 Aug. 28 arrived at New York from Christiania, load $2000 and 138 passengersAtlantic Journey ID 7827
 1851 Oct. 3 departed New York for Newry Island with corn, load $1800Atlantic Journey ID 7828
 1851 Nov. 15 arrived Kingstown from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 7829
 1851 Nov. 22 Warren Point from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 7830
 1852 Captain S. Christophersen  from Christiania July 6 to New York Sep. 12  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1852 July 23 off the Lizard, English Cannel; from Christiania to New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 7831
 1852 Oct. 2 leaving New York for Cowes/AntwerpAtlantic Journey ID 7832
 1853 Feb. 4 nothing heard from the ship last 114 daysAtlantic Journey ID 7833
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
The brig Incognito was owned by S. Christophersen in Christiania (now Oslo). According to newspaper announcements she was built in Drammen in 1849. Her burden was 102 Commercial lasts, and classed A1. Her flag id. was: A41. The first recordings we have found of of this ship is that she departed from Christiania May 3rd 1850. She arrived at New York on July 13th carrying 132 passengers. The Incognito departed from New York on August 24th for London via Kingston, Jamaica with general goods. She also sailed with emigrants from Christiania to New York in 1851 and 1852. We have transcribed all 3 passenger lists, see links above.

Newspaper announcement from "Morgenbladet" January 1st, 1850 Passenger accommodation from Christiania. Capt. S. Christophersen with the new and copper binded brig Incognito, is intending to depart from Christiania to New York in end of March, or beginning of April, if a sufficient number of passengers signs on.....

Newspaper announcement from "Morgenbladet" April 7th, 1852: Passenger accommodation to new York. The new, 1st classed copper hooded brig Incognito, Capt. S. Christophersen, is soon expected to return home and will then be prepared to take passengers for New York. Departure is scheduled in May. Conditions and enrolling at Hans Henrichsen & son.

1852 - 1853
She did one more journey to New York in 1852 with emigrants. She departed from Christiania on July 6th, and arrived at New York on September 12th. According to a story recounted and passed on by Kjel Bredesen Straete and his brother Peder Bredesen Straete, there were a lot of deaths on the voyage. Sharks followed the ship. The daughter of Peder Bredesen Stræte and Olia Knudsdatter (# 1 and 2 on the passenger list), "Karen", died aboard the Incognito on July 28th and was buried at sea. After the funeral, as was customary, the body was lowered with ropes and a board to the water level. One rope was then lifted to enable the body to slide gently into the water and put of sight. Apparently, Peder and Olia, as grieving parents, watched sharks attack the body of their one-year old daughter, Karen, as it entered the water. [Alice Bredeson Zwifel]. It is interesting to note that there are no notes of those who died on the passenger list. Some of the passengers on the 1852 voyage wrote a recommendation for the Incognito and her Captain S. Christophersen. These emigrants signed the recommendation:

Berger Eriksen Sagerud. H. Wulfsberg. N. Tyrholm. Ole Olsen Knudsmoen. O. Syversen. M. Hersleth. A. B. Ulsbøl. C. Sjølie. A. Johannesen. I. Moe. Tosten T. Forkerud. H. F. Koss. Ole Olsen Hollet. Eberhardt Pedersen. L. C. Prydz. A. Amundsen. Ped. E. Lømo, forhenv Skolelærer. Kjel Bredesen Strette Blonken. Iver Olsen. O. Steffensen Stræte. Halvor Halvorsen. H. Soemerud. Matis Charlsen Juberget, m. p. P. Ole Syversen Snapholt. Martinius Olsen Snapholt. Brede Enersen Knudtsmoen, m. p. P. Tolef Tostensen Sjøli. Mical Olsen Snapholt, m. p. P. Ole Larsen Sorkness, m. p . P. Peder Bredesen Stræte, m. p. P. Isak Hansen. P. Larsen. Ole Hansen. Carl Olsen. Anders Olsen Juberget. Paul Jansen. Peder Andersen Spenbyqværn. Christian Olsen Sigerud.

After the Incognito departed from New York, it was never seen or heard of again. The Christiania Newspaper "Morgenbladet" reported on Feb 2nd, 1853: There have lately been a lot of concern here in town about the Brig Incognito. It was October 2nd last year executed from New York for to sail for Antwerp. No information have been reported there by the 24the of January - consequently after 114 days. Apparently it was "lost with man and mouse".

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