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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
2,207 gross 1874 at Glasgow by London & Glasgow Co. Ltd. Beaver Line 321ft x 35.2ft 
 Year Departure ArrivalRemarks
 1874  Dec. 25, launchedAtlantic Journey ID 5440
 1875  Apr. 13, maiden voyage Liverpool - Quebec - MontrealAtlantic Journey ID 5441
 1875  Liverpool  Apr. 16  Quebec  Apr. 27 Arrival date estimatedTransatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  July 03  Quebec  July 23 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  Sept. 13  Quebec  Sept. 25 Transatlantc ID
 1879  Liverpool  Oct. 18  Quebec  Oct. 31 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  Apr. 29  Quebec  May 15 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  June 19  Quebec  June 30 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  July 30  Quebec  Aug. 11 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Liverpool  Sept. 09  Quebec  Sept. 20 Transatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  Apr. 30  Quebec  May 12 MontrealTransatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  June 10  Quebec  June 21 MontrealTransatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  July 21  Quebec  Aug. 01 MontrealTransatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  Aug. 30  Quebec  Sept. 10 MontrealTransatlantc ID
 1881  Liverpool  Oct. 05  Quebec  Oct. 19 MontrealTransatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  May 25  Quebec  June 06 BelfastTransatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  July 06  Quebec  July 17 BelfastTransatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  Aug. 17  Quebec  Aug. 28 Transatlantc ID
 1882  Liverpool  Oct. 05  Quebec  Oct. 16 Transatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Apr. 20  Quebec  May 03 Queenstown - MontrealTransatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  May 31  Quebec  June 12 Queenstown - Blackwater, IrelandTransatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  July 12  Quebec  July 23 QueenstownTransatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Aug. 23  Quebec  Sept. 03 Queenstown 1883-08-24Transatlantc ID
 1883  Liverpool  Oct. 04  Quebec  Oct. 16 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Apr. 17  Quebec  Apr. 27 Montreal. Also reported arrival Quebec 1884-05-01Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  May 29  Quebec  June 09 QueenstownTransatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  July 10  Quebec  July 21 QueenstownTransatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Aug. 21  Quebec  Sept. 03 Transatlantc ID
 1884  Liverpool  Oct. 02  Quebec  Oct. 13 Transatlantc ID
 1885  Nov. 23, collided with and sank the S/S Bentholme near MataneAtlantic Journey ID 5442
 1886  June 30, stranded on the Antrim coast, salvaged and sold, renamed LismoreAtlantic Journey ID 5443
 1888  June 8, wrecked at Porto PlataAtlantic Journey ID 5444
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
The 3 sister-ships Lake Champlain, Lake Nepigon and Lake Megantic of the Beaver Line
The 3 sister-ships Lake Champlain, Lake Nepigon and Lake Megantic of the Beaver Line
all looked the same as on this picture originally showing the Lake Champlain.
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The iron screw-steamer Lake Champlain was the first of the Beaver Line steamships intended to run between Liverpool, Quebec, and Montreal during the season when the navigation of the St. Lawrence was open, and during the winter between Liverpool and some open American port.

The Lake Champlain was built and her engines made by the London and Glasgow Engineering and Iron Shipbuilding Company, at Govan, near Glasgow. Her owners were the Canada Shipping Company, of Montreal and Liverpool. She hailed from Montreal, and was the first steamer built on the Clyde sailing under the new Dominion flag. She was 321 ft. long, 35 ft. beam, and had 26 ft. depth of hold from tonnage deck to ceiling amidships, with a burden of 2207 tons gross register. She was classed 100A at Lloyd's, but was built to a specification of the owners, much in excess of Lloyds' requirements. There were three decks, the upper deck being a spar deck; and lofty tween-decks suitable for carrying emigrants. The ship was barque-rigged she was fitted with patent steam steering-gear, with steam windlass for raising anchors, four steam winches, and all the latest improvements.

The object of the owners was to provide a vessel specially adapted for the Canadian trade, and strong enough to withstand the roughest storms of the Atlantic. The Lake Champlain was, therefore, specially strengthened where there was the slightest chance of her coming in contact with the ice. On her official trial-trip from Greenock she ran the measured distance between the Cloch and Cumbrae lighthouses, a distance of 13'666 knots, within less than seventy-one minutes. Her engines, which were of 250-horse power nominal, were found to work satisfactorily, and the average speed of the vessel was 11 knots.

The two sister-ships to the Lake Champlain were named Lake Nepigon and Lake Magantic (for the same owners)


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