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283 kl 1855 at Laksevåg, Bergen, Norway by Grans værft A. C. Mohr & Sønner, Bergen, Norway  
 1857 December 31 Constantinopel, leaving for Augusta (Italy)Atlantic Journey ID 10521
 1858 Captain Ole A. Jetmundsen  from Bergen to Quebec June 12   
 1858 July 16 leaving Quebec for LiverpoolAtlantic Journey ID 10522
 1858 August 18 Liverpool from Quebec, leaving Sept. 4 for Corfu (Greece)Atlantic Journey ID 10523
 1858 October 21 Corfu, leaving Nov. 23 for AugustaAtlantic Journey ID 10524
 1859 Captain Ole A. Jetmundsen  from Bergen to Quebec June 19   
 1859 July 19 leaving Quebec for London, spoken to July 23 at St. Lawrence river off PillarsAtlantic Journey ID 10525
 1859 August 16 off Deal, Aug. 18 London from QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 10526
 1859 September 1 leaving London for HelsingørAtlantic Journey ID 10527
 1860 Captain Ole A. Jetmundsen  from Bergen Apr. 4 to Quebec May 31   
 1860 leaving Bergen with 342 emigrants onboardAtlantic Journey ID 10528
 1860 June 28 leaving Quebec for Liverpool, arrived there July 20Atlantic Journey ID 10529
 1860 September 1 Liverpool for ConstantinopleAtlantic Journey ID 10530
 1860 October 12 Constantinople from LiverpoolAtlantic Journey ID 10531
 1861 January 11 Constantinople for Cork or FalmouthAtlantic Journey ID 10532
 1861 February 16 Falmouth from Alexandria, leaving Feb. 25 for ClydeAtlantic Journey ID 10533
 1861 March 1 Clyde from Constantinople, leaving March 19 for Troon (Scotland)Atlantic Journey ID 10534
 1861 Captain Ole A. Jetmundsen  from Bergen May 11 to Quebec July 9   
 1861 leaving Bergen with 440 passengersAtlantic Journey ID 10535
 1861 Quebec: 6 days in quarantine at Grosse Isle. (15 cabin and 507 steerage passengers, 19 crew, 12 sick, 31 deaths.(?))Atlantic Journey ID 10536
 1861 July 12 MontrealAtlantic Journey ID 10537
 1861 August 3 leaving Quebec for Gloucester (England)Atlantic Journey ID 10538
 1861 September 3 off Pill: from MontrealAtlantic Journey ID 10539
 1861 October 15 off Pill: for New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 10540
 1861 November 11 New York from BristolAtlantic Journey ID 10541
 1861 November 29 leaving New York for Cork (Ireland)Atlantic Journey ID 10542
 1862 January 8 Queenstown (Cork, Ireland) from New York, Jan. 16. CorkAtlantic Journey ID 10543
 1862 March 3 leaving Queenstown (Cork) for Troon, arriving there March 6Atlantic Journey ID 10544
 1862 Captain Ole A. Jetmundsen  from Bergen Apr. 24 to Quebec June 16   
 1862 leaving Bergen with 330 passengersAtlantic Journey ID 10545
 1862 June 21 MontrealAtlantic Journey ID 10546
 1862 July 25 leaving Quebec for Bristol, arrived there Aug. 22Atlantic Journey ID 10547
 1862 October 19 New York from BristolAtlantic Journey ID 10548
 1862 November 27 leaving New York for LiverpoolAtlantic Journey ID 10549
 1862 December 28 Liverpool from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 10550
 1863 February 9 leaving Liverpool for BergenAtlantic Journey ID 10551
 1863 Captain Ole A. Jetmundsen  from Bergen Apr. 15 to Quebec June 4   
 1863 leaving Bergen with 72 passengers (?). Quebec quarantine: one cabin and 279 steerage passengers, one birth, 4 deathsAtlantic Journey ID 10552
 1863 June 24 Quebec leaving for Bristol, returned and arrived Quebec Sept. 27.Atlantic Journey ID 10553
 1863 October 26 leaving for LondonAtlantic Journey ID 10554
 1863 December 22 Cardiff from London, leaving January 15 for Cadiz (Spain)Atlantic Journey ID 10555
 1864 February 5 Cadiz from Cardiff. April 12 off South Foreland: from Cadiz to Bergen (with salt)Atlantic Journey ID 10556
 1864 Captain Ole A. Jetmundsen  from Bergen - Tromsø Apr. 24 to Quebec July 26   
 1864 leaving Bergen/Tromsø with some 300 passengersAtlantic Journey ID 10557
 1864 July 26 Quebec from TromsøAtlantic Journey ID 10558
 1864 Nils Martin Hanssen from Sturtnæs in Balefjorden reported: I left late May on Norge for emigrants from Tromsø to America. Because of stormy westerly wind we arrived Quebec delayed late July. The crew was excellent and there were no sickness onboard.Atlantic Journey ID 10559
 1864 Nils: From Quebec we used Steamboats and Railways and on August 2 we reached Chicago.Atlantic Journey ID 10560
 1864 August 13 leaving Quebec for London and arrived Gravesend/London Sept. 25Atlantic Journey ID 10561
 1864 October 21 Cardiff from London, leaving Nov. 10 for Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy)Atlantic Journey ID 10562
 1865 Captain Ole A. Jetmundsen  from Bergen May 7 to Quebec June 14  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1865 July 13 leaving Quebec for Penarth Red. August 7: KingroadAtlantic Journey ID 10563
 1865 August 11 Gloucester from QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 10564
 1865 September 6 Gloucester for Fredikstad (planks)Atlantic Journey ID 10565
 1865 November 11 off Pill: From Norway to GloucesterAtlantic Journey ID 10566
 1866 April 17 leaving Lyttleton (New Zeeland) Callao (Peru)Atlantic Journey ID 10567
 1866 June 13 Callao from Lyttleton, left the 29th for Chinchas (Peru), Capt. JetmundsenAtlantic Journey ID 10568
 1866 August 30 Callao: Norge, Amundsen from Chinchas, left the 5th for GibraltarAtlantic Journey ID 10569
 1866 November 28 Gibraltar from Callao, leaving Gibraltar Nov. 30 for ValentiaAtlantic Journey ID 10570
 1866 December 13 Mahon from CallaoAtlantic Journey ID 10571
 1867 February Tarragona from Odessa, March 2-9 Constantinople from Tarragona, March 15 Taranrog from OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 10572
 1867 April 1 leaving Odessa for Malta, April 9 Constantinople, April 13 Dardanells from OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 10573
 1867 Captain Ole A. Jetmundsen  from Fredrikstad Sept. 6 to Dunnedin, N.Z. Dec. 19   
 1867 June 5 Bristol from Odessa, leaving Bristol July 5th for Fredikstad, towedAtlantic Journey ID 10574
 1867 September 14 off Dover: from FredrikstadAtlantic Journey ID 10575
 1867 Arrived Dunnedin in New Zealand after 104 days journey from Fredrikstad, All well. Among the passengers was Consul B. Pettersen who had visited his place of birth.Atlantic Journey ID 10576
 1867 December 24 Otago, left the 26th for CallaoAtlantic Journey ID 10577
 1868 March 9 Callao from New Zealand, April 12 loading in ChinchasAtlantic Journey ID 10578
 1868 April 18 Callao from Chinchas, left 24th for DunkerqueAtlantic Journey ID 10579
 1868 August 16 off Deal: from Callao to Dunkerque, left 18th. Arrived Dunkerque Aug. 9Atlantic Journey ID 10580
 1868 September 13 leaving Dunkerque for Callao. Sept. 22 in Cardiff, leaving Cardiff Oct. 20 for Cape of Good HopeAtlantic Journey ID 10581
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
The ship Norge made a number of voyages with emigrants from Bergen to America between 1859 and 1865. She was mastered by Capt. O. Jetmundsen, and had a burden of 284,5 Norwegian Commercial lasts.

In 1858 the Norge departed from Bergen, and arrived at Quebec June 12th. She was mastered by Capt Jetmundsen. Because the National Archives of Canada [NAC] did not start the archiving of passenger lists before 1865, and the Norwegian emigration records did not start before 1867, there is no surviving passenger list for this voyage in any of those archives.

In 1859 she left Bergen for Quebec and arrived there on June 19th. Master was Capt. Jetmundsen. There is no surviving passenger list for this voyage in the Canadian or Norwegian archives, see above.

In 1861 she departed from Bergen on May 12th and arrived at the quarantine station on Grosse Île July 3rd. She was detained for 6 days in quarantine and was released on July 8th. She arrived at Quebec on July 9th and at Montreal July 12th. The ship sailed in ballast, and was carrying 15 cabin and 507 steerage passengers. When she arrived at the quarantine station 12 passengers were sick and 31 had died during the voyage. Master was Capt. Jetmundsen, she had a crew of 19. The Norge was only 591,8 reg. tons but was carrying 522 passengers, this was much more than what the ship was allowed to according to the passenger act. The captain would usually be fined for violating the 1828 passenger act. There is no surviving passenger list for this voyage in the Canadian or Norwegian archives, see above.

In 1862 she departed from Bergen on Apr. 24th and arrived at. Montreal on June 21. According to a newspaper notice in the "Correspondenten" Apr. 27th, she was to call at the port of Tromsø to take on passengers. The number of passengers on this crossing was according to the same notice about 300. Master was Capt. Jetmundsen. No surviving passenger list in the Canadian or Norwegian archives, see above

In 1863 she departed from Bergen on Apr. 24th and arrived at Quebec on June 4th. She was carrying general cargo, and had 1 cabin and 279 steerage passengers. There was one birth and 4 deaths on the voyage. Master was Capt. Jetmundsen (The vessel was now rigged as a bark) No surviving passenger list in the Canadian or Norwegian archives, see above.

In 1864 she departed from Bergen on Apr. 24th and arrived at Quebec on June 4th, master was Capt. Jetmundsen. No surviving passenger list, see above.

In 1865 she departed from Bergen on May 7th and arrived at Quebec on June 14th, master was Capt. Jetmundsen. The passenger list is available from the National Archives of Canada [NAC], and might be found online at the Digitalarkivet database.

In 1867 Capt Jetmundsen mastered the Norge on a voyage from Fredrikstad to Dunnedin, New Zealand carrying a few passengers. They departed from Fredriksted on September 6th and arrived at Dunnedin on December 12th.


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