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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
119½ kl 1856 at Bergen, Norway Gott. Thomsen, Bergen, Norway  
 1856 Oct. 29. Swinemünde (Poland) from BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8234
 1857 Oct. 22 Rio Janeiro for Pernambuco (Brazil)Atlantic Journey ID 8235
 1858 Oct. 15 Constantinopel from AmsterdamAtlantic Journey ID 8236
 1859 Oct. 13 Cardiff for Lisbon (Portugal)Atlantic Journey ID 8237
 1859 Nov. 17 St. Ybes (Portugal) from Lisbon , St. Ybes – BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8238
 1860 Febr. 27 Bilbao from BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8239
 1860 Apr. 25 leaving Bordeaux for MontevideoAtlantic Journey ID 8240
 1860 July 4 Buenos Aires from BordeauxAtlantic Journey ID 8241
 1860 July 31 collided with the American Bark Adriatic, Capt. ThomsAtlantic Journey ID 8242
 1860 Aug. 9 Rio Grande from Buenos AiresAtlantic Journey ID 8243
 1860 Sept. 9 leaving Rio Grande for Falmouth (England)Atlantic Journey ID 8244
 1860 Nov. 22 Plymouth from Rio GrandeAtlantic Journey ID 8245
 1860 Dec. 14 leaving Plymouth for CardiffAtlantic Journey ID 8246
 1861 Jan. 10 Cardiff for SyraAtlantic Journey ID 8247
 1861 Feb. 23 Syra from CardiffAtlantic Journey ID 8248
 1861 May 22 Liverpool from ArchipelagosAtlantic Journey ID 8249
 1861 May 29 loading for Rio Grande Atlantic Journey ID 8250
 1861 July 22 leaving Loverpool for Rio GrandeAtlantic Journey ID 8251
 1861 Sept. 27 Rio Grande from LiverpoolAtlantic Journey ID 8252
 1861 Nov. 13 Rio Grande leaving for Newcastle (England)Atlantic Journey ID 8253
 1862 Jan. 30 Falmouth from Rio GrandeAtlantic Journey ID 8254
 1862 Feb. 10 off Kingroad from Rio Grande to GloucesterAtlantic Journey ID 8255
 1862 Feb. 12 Gloucester from Rio GrandeAtlantic Journey ID 8256
 1862 March 20 off Plymouth; from Gloucester to BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8257
 1862 April 4 Charlestown from GloucesterAtlantic Journey ID 8258
 1862 April 11 Charlestown to Bergen Atlantic Journey ID 8259
 1862 Captain Hans I Waage  from Bergen May 15 to Chicago Aug. 2   
 1862 May 21 leaving Bergen for Montreal or Chicago with 109 emigrants, a load of herring, fish and anchovyAtlantic Journey ID 8260
 1862 July 6 Quebec, July 11 Montreal, July 21 the Welland Channel (proceeded on way to Chicago without landing passengers or cargo)Atlantic Journey ID 8261
 1862 July 25 Detroit from Bergen. 40 of the passengers disembarkedAtlantic Journey ID 8262
 1862 August 2 Chicago from Bergen. 5000 Miles in 71 daysAtlantic Journey ID 8263
 1862 Oct. 5 arrived in Montreal for Bergen with a test load of meal, wheat, rye, maize, pork, smoked ham (sugared), butter, lamps, oil and moreAtlantic Journey ID 8264
 1863 April 26 from Bergen to Chicago with passengers, herring, salt, tar, and some iron as ballastAtlantic Journey ID 8265
 1863 Captain Hans I Waage  from Bergen Apr. 26 to Chicago July 6   
 1863 June 6 St. Laurence, June 7 in Quebec (collided with a bark and lost her jib)Atlantic Journey ID 8266
 1863 June 7: arrived the quarantine station at Grosse Île carrying 23 cabin and 121 steerage passengers, there had been one death on the voyageAtlantic Journey ID 8505
 1863 June 12 arrived Montreal from Bergen, proceeded through the Welland Canal from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie, just west of Niagara FallsAtlantic Journey ID 8267
 1863 July 1 Detroit; Norwegian bark, 8 weeks from home and 2 weeks from QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 8268
 1863 July 7: Arrived in Chicago by the tugboat Monitor and received 4 gun salute and music by a brass bandAtlantic Journey ID 8269
 1863 Aug. 16: departed from Chicago with a cargo of oat, rye, peas, oat flour, salted pork, ham, skin, tobacco, and petroleumAtlantic Journey ID 8506
 1863 Sept. 17 Quebec to BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8270
 1863 Oct. 27 off Isle of Wight (England); from Chicago to Bergen, 38 days from Montreal, all well.Atlantic Journey ID 8271
 1863 Nov. 2 off Haugesund, NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 8272
 1863 Nov. 3 Bergen from Chicago, load of wheat, rye, meal, pea, salted pork and smoked ham, skin, tobacco and oilAtlantic Journey ID 8273
 1864 Captain Hans I Waage  from Bergen Mars 9 to Chicago July 6   
 1864 May 24 Quebec from BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8274
 1864 May 27 Montreal from BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8275
 1864 June 28 Quebec for GloucesterAtlantic Journey ID 8276
 1864 July 28 Gloucester from MontrealAtlantic Journey ID 8277
 1864 Aug. 22 Cardiff from GloucesterAtlantic Journey ID 8278
 1864 Sept. 7 leaving Cardiff for GalatzAtlantic Journey ID 8279
 1864 Nov. 20 Ibrail from CardiffAtlantic Journey ID 8280
 1864 Dec. 19 Constantinopel from IbrailAtlantic Journey ID 8281
 1864 Dec. 27 off the Dardanelles: from Galatz to the English ChannelAtlantic Journey ID 8282
 1865 Jan. 15 Cagliari from ConstantinopelAtlantic Journey ID 8283
 1865 Feb. 21 Falmouth from IbrailAtlantic Journey ID 8284
 1865 March 3 Falmouth for GloucesterAtlantic Journey ID 8285
 1865 March 31 leaving Gloucester for BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8286
 1865 Captain Hans I Waage  from Bergen Apr. 29 to Quebec June 25  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1865 June 23 Montreal from BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8287
 1865 July 31 Montreal for DundeeAtlantic Journey ID 8288
 1865 Sept. 11 Charlestown from Quebec, leaving the 14th for BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8289
 1866 April 26 leave Havana for FalmouthAtlantic Journey ID 8290
 1866 June 5 Falmouth from HavanaAtlantic Journey ID 8291
 1866 June 18 Falmouth for AntwerpAtlantic Journey ID 8292
 1866 June 22 Antwerp from HavanaAtlantic Journey ID 8293
 1866 July 28 Vlissingen to SyraAtlantic Journey ID 8294
 1866 Aug. 1 off Isle of Weight; for ConstantinopelAtlantic Journey ID 8295
 1866 Aug. 9 Falmouth for ConstantinopelAtlantic Journey ID 8296
 1866 Sept. 16 Dardanells from FalmouthAtlantic Journey ID 8297
 1866 Nov. 23 Dardanells from GalatzAtlantic Journey ID 8298
 1867 Jan. 10 Antwerp from IbrailAtlantic Journey ID 8299
 1867 March 5 Vlissingen for OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 8300
 1867 April 8 Dardanells from AntwerpAtlantic Journey ID 8301
 1867 April 10 Constantinopel from AntwerpAtlantic Journey ID 8302
 1867 May 2 Odessa from AntwerpAtlantic Journey ID 8303
 1867 May 28 Taganrog from OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 8304
 1867 July 8 leaving Taganrog for EnglandAtlantic Journey ID 8305
 1867 July 19 Constantinopel from OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 8306
 1867 July 24 Dardanells from SulinaAtlantic Journey ID 8307
 1867 Sept 8 Falmouth from TaganrogAtlantic Journey ID 8308
 1868 Feb. 24 Rio Janeiro in lack of supplies; from St. Ybes to Rio GrandeAtlantic Journey ID 8309
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
In 1862 a Merchant by the name of Gottlieb Thomsen, partnered with others, wanted to export fat herring, stockfish and mackerel to the US. They equipped the brigantine Sleipner (71 Norwegian Commercial lasts) and sent it mastered by Capt. Hans Waage, for Chicago. The consul in Quebec reported: "The ship proceeded from here without landing passengers or cargo, as one of the first European ships to sail up through the canals to the big lakes in the West. The ship took on a load of corn in Chicago, bought by the account of the Captain, and sailed straight back to Bergen. They have plans on starting a regular route between Bergen and Quebec. If this will succeed I can not say"

The arrival of the Sleipner on the 2nd of August caused quite a sensation. She departed on September 6th fully loaded with different types of merchandise to see how they would keep on the voyage. There was a load of corn, flour, pork, sugar - salted ham, butter, ashes and refined crude oil. It also brought the first petroleum lamps to Bergen. The trip was very profitable, and the owners extended the ship by 30 feet and re-rigged it as a bark [!] (actually explained as a "barkskib") with a new tonnage of 119½ Norwegian Commercial lasts. There was also a between deck fitted, for "ordinary" passengers, and cabins for 24 first class passengers. It was also fitted with for taking as many as 350 iron barrels of water.

On the return voyage from Chicago they avoided having to "reload" on the trip up to Chicago due to ship's low draught. Some of the cargo had to be loaded onto barges and be reloaded onto the ship when they reached Montreal.

In 1864 she departed Bergen on March 9th, and arrived at Quebec on June 24th. Master was Capt. Waage. It is said that she carried 144 passengers, herring, mackerel and iron. It is also said that she proceeded from Quebec to Chicago, but we have not been able to confirm that from primary sources.

In 1865 the Sleipner, (300 tons) mastered by Capt. Hans T. Waage, was cleared to sail from Bergen on Apr. 29, and departed on May 3rd. She arrived at Quebec on June 25th. She was carrying 173 passengers, they were all landed in Quebec on 27th. In 1865 she was only carrying passengers due to the new emigration act. It was considered unacceptable by the authorities that steerage passengers should be traveling next to a cargo of fish, as the smell would be too strong. The passenger list (List Number: 25, Immigration office 27 June 1865) was signed by I, O.E. Dreutzer, Consul of the United States of America: "I, O.E. Dreutzer, Consul of the United States of America, at Bergen, do hereby certify that the foregoing passenger list has been exhibited to me by Captain Hans Vaage (Waage), master of the ship Sleipner of Bergen in ballast bound for the United States of America. That it contains all the names and age of all the passengers and makes in full number 113 of full age, 51 children between one and fourteen and 9 under one year. Given under my hand at the Consulate of the United States of America at Bergen this 3rd day of May 1865 O.E. Dreutzer US Consul"


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