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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
1,935 gross 1871 at Walker-on-Tyne, England by Wigham, Richardson & Co. The Norwegian American Steamship Company  293.9ft x 35.2ft 
 Year Departure ArrivalRemarks
 1871  April, launched for Peter Jebsen of Bergen, NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 4777
 1871  Bergen - New York   
 1871  Bergen  July 06  New York  July 23 Journey of 15 days from BergenTransatlantc ID
 1871  Bergen  Sept. 13  New York  Sept. 29 15, 5 days journey from Bergen - According to “Times” the Captain and Crew (24 men) was saved from the wrecked English ship SublimeTransatlantc ID
 1872  March 15: (Capt. Hille) at Liverpool Atlantic Journey ID 9224
 1872  March 22: (Capt. Hille) at NewcastleAtlantic Journey ID 9225
 1872  Bergen  Apr. 01  New York  Apr. 19 Reported a stormy journeyTransatlantc ID
 1872  Bergen - New York   
 1872  June, left for New York with 614 passengers, and 5000 tons of fishAtlantic Journey ID 4779
 1872  Bergen  June 10  New York  July 01 Transatlantc ID
 1872  July 17: Sailed from New York with 31,382 bushels of corn, 28,970 bushels of wheat, 300 bbls FlourAtlantic Journey ID 9226
 1872  Aug. 9: (Capt. Hille) arrived LondonAtlantic Journey ID 9221
 1872  Aug. 16: (Capt. Hille) arrived NewcastleAtlantic Journey ID 9222
 1872  Aug. 20: (Capt. Hille) arrived BergenAtlantic Journey ID 9223
 1872  Bergen  Aug. 26  New York  Sept. 11 Feeder ship Kong Sverre from Christiania to Bergen with 205 emigrants.Transatlantc ID
 1873  Christiania  Mar. 30  New York  Apr. 17 Captain Hille, Arrived in New York in the morningTransatlantc ID
 1873  Christiania - Christiansand - Bergen - New York   
 1873  Apr. 26; (Capt Hille) departed New York for LondonAtlantic Journey ID 9227
 1873  Christiania  May 27  New York  June 15 Transatlantc ID
 1873  July 20: LondonAtlantic Journey ID 9228
 1873  July 29: (Capt. Heltberg) from Bergen with merchandise and 172 passengersAtlantic Journey ID 9229
 1873  Christiania  July 24  New York  Aug. 13 Journey of 15 days from BergenTransatlantc ID
 1873  Sept. 19: (Capt. Heltberg) London Atlantic Journey ID 9230
 1873  Oct. 1: (Capt. Heltberg) departed Bergen with merchendise and 106 passengers Atlantic Journey ID 9231
 1873  Christiania  Sept. 27  New York  Oct. 19 Transatlantc ID
 1874  Feb. 16: arrived London from the United StatesAtlantic Journey ID 9232
 1874  March 28; (Capt Pedersen) cleared to sail from New York to HamburgAtlantic Journey ID 9233
 1874  Christiania - Bergen - New York   
 1874  Christiania  Apr. 30  New York  May 24 Captain Pedersen. Departure Bergen 1874-05-05Transatlantc ID
 1874  June 2: reported to have cleared to sail for Havre with 110 bdls. Whalebone, 6 pks. Furniture, 252 Hides, 6,000 Staves, 11 bags Hair, 63 bags Bones, 350 bxs. bacon, 6,293 bushels Wheat Atlantic Journey ID 9234
 1874  Nov. 17: reported at LondonAtlantic Journey ID 9235
 1875  Bergen May 15 to New York June 2   
 1875  May 7: NewcastleAtlantic Journey ID 9236
 1875  Bergen  May 15  New York  June 02 Transatlantc ID
 1875  July 2: at LondonAtlantic Journey ID 9237
 1875  Sept. 11: (Capt Hammer) departed London for the United Sates Atlantic Journey ID 9238
 1876  Christiania April 27 - Philadelphia May 17   
 1876  Christiania  Apr. 27  Philadelphia  May 17 Transatlantc ID
 1880  Sold, name unchangedAtlantic Journey ID 4780
 1903  Scrapped at GenoaAtlantic Journey ID 4781
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges

The name of this ship occures with different spelling variations, like St. Olaf, St. Olav and Sanct Olaf. Details: straight stem, one funnel, two masts, iron construction, single screw. The engine by North Eastern Marine Co, Sunderland delivered 900 h.p., which gave the ship a speed of 10 knots. This ship was the first to be built for the direct service between Christiania - Bergen and New York. She had a steerage capacity for 500 passengers, and cabin capacity for another 30 passengers. It had a crew of 51. The ship was fitted with large dormitories steerage, without any refectory or saloons. The food was boiled with steam, and brought in to the rooms in big tin pails. It is said that when the food was served it was complete chaos steerage. With the founding of the Norwegian - American Steamship Company, the conditions became much better for Norwegian emigrants. The crew on board the ships spoke the same language as the passengers, and the food was traditional Norwegian. Also, the journey became quicker and easier. The company was also often referred to as "Det Norske Utvandrings-selskap" (The Norwegian Emigration Company)

Note that there was also another ship by the name "St. Olaf" which was also involved in the conveyance of Norwegian emigrants. That ship belonged to the "Det Søndenfjedsk Norske Dampskibsselsab" and sailed mainly between Christiania and Hamburg.


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