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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
221½ kl  M. Thorsen, Christiania, Norway  
 1852 March 29 London from Christiania, Capt. FalckAtlantic Journey ID 7896
 1852 April 30 leaving London for ChristianiaAtlantic Journey ID 7897
 1852 May 2 off Deal: from the Thames to Quebec (together with Zephyr)Atlantic Journey ID 7898
 1852 June 14 Richibuchto from London (together with Zephyr)Atlantic Journey ID 7899
 1852 July 22 leaving Richibuchto for LiverpoolAtlantic Journey ID 7900
 1852 Aug. 21 Liverpool from RichibuchtoAtlantic Journey ID 7901
 1852 Sept 10 leaving Liverpool for AlicanteAtlantic Journey ID 7902
 1853 265 passengers for QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 7903
 1853 Ab. April 25, spoken at 55º N 5º25 E together with Zefyr for Quebec (off Denmark)Atlantic Journey ID 7904
 1853 Captain A. O. Falck  from Christiania Apr. 16 to Quebec June 3   
 1853 June 14 Quebec for NewportAtlantic Journey ID 7905
 1853 Sept 7. Newport, Wales from Quebec Atlantic Journey ID 7906
 1853 Oct. 8 leaving Newport for MalagaAtlantic Journey ID 7907
 1853 Oct. 31 Malaga from NewportAtlantic Journey ID 7908
 1853 Nov. 28 leaving Malaga for ChristianiaAtlantic Journey ID 7909
 1853 Dec. 12 Torrevieja from MalagaAtlantic Journey ID 7910
 1854 Jan. 24 Christiania fram Torrevieja with saltAtlantic Journey ID 7911
 1854 March 24 Christiania for London with timberAtlantic Journey ID 7912
 1854 April 10 Gravesend/London from ChristianiaAtlantic Journey ID 7913
 1854 May 1 leaving London for HelsingørAtlantic Journey ID 7914
 1854 Aug. 31 off The Start; from Newcastle to Genua, 8 days journey, all well onboardAtlantic Journey ID 7915
 1854 Oct. 17 Genua from NewcastleAtlantic Journey ID 7916
 1855 Nov. 2 leaving Marseilles for Hyéres (Toulon, France)Atlantic Journey ID 7917
 1857 Captain Løvold  from Bergen Apr. 24 to Quebec May 26   
 1857 June 29 leaving Quebec for LondonAtlantic Journey ID 7918
 1857 July 28 Gravesend/London from QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 7919
 1857 Oct. 28 London from SundsvallAtlantic Journey ID 7920
 1857 Nov. 30 Christiania from London in ballastAtlantic Journey ID 7921
 1858 July, Miramachi from NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 7922
 1858 Aug. 2 leaving Miramichi for Belfast, Capt. LøvoldAtlantic Journey ID 7923
 1858 Sept. 5 Christiania from Belfast in ballastAtlantic Journey ID 7924
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
It is said about the Tengner that in 1853 she was a bad and old ship. The emigrants had to wait for two weeks to depart. Two people died during the crossing and one child was born, the child was called Tegneria after the ship (Ref: Jacob Worm-Muller "Den norske Sjøfartshistorie p. 600" - "The Norwegian Maritime History")

A reference to the Tegner was found in the book: "Norway to America" - A History of the Migration by Ingrid Semmingsen translated from Norwegian by Einar Haugen: "To judge by letters and other accounts the passage was often remarkably easy. Once seasickness had been mastered, and when the winds were not to stiff, spirits were gay and lively. Experienced skippers tried to provide the passengers by helping them keep clean, sweeping and scrubbing the decks and airing the clothes, as well as providing exercise and entertainment. There were races, wrestling, and dancing on deck. The captain on the Tegner encouraged dancing when the ship was becalmed. If they danced, they would be sure to get wind, he claimed. So the fiddles were brought out, and the passengers danced waltzes, polkas, and schottisches, as well as the old Norwegian country dances, the "spring dance" and the "halling." "(P. 60, Chapter: The Long Journey Section: On Board)

A JOURNEY TO AMERICA IN THE FIFTIES (on the ship Tegner) BY CLARA JACOBSON - This paper first appeared in Symra, 10:120-157 (1913), under the title "En Amerika-reise for seksti aar siden." The child who figures in this story was the author's mother, Nicoline Hansen Hegg, who was born in 1844. She married the Reverend Abraham Jacobson in 1865, and died in 1929. Also published in "Norwegian-American Studies, Volume 12" which was published by NAHA in 1941.

The Information was collected by Luci Baker of Seattle, her gggrandmother Sigrid VISTE came to America on the Tegner when she was 4 months old, and her gggrandfather Johan HEGG (aka HANSON) when he was 5 years old. The two families met during the voyage and traveled together. Luci wanted to find out more about the ship and the history of the voyage.

The Tegner, rigged as a bark

Morgenbladet, 1853

Morgenbladet 1853


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