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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
90½ kl 1842 at Porsgrunn, Norway by Osebakken Hans E. Møller, Porsgrunn, Norway  
 1842 February. Leaving Skien for Cornwall to be fitted with copper skin.Atlantic Journey ID 8671
 1842 Captain Herman Roosen Smith  from Porsgrunn June 3 to New York Aug. 1  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1842 May 25 Rigged and ready for Emigrants and 250 Ton of Iron for AmericaAtlantic Journey ID 8672
 1842 From New York to CubaAtlantic Journey ID 8673
 1842 Dec. 15 Bremerhafen from MazanillaAtlantic Journey ID 8674
 1843 Captain Herman Roosen Smith  from Langesund May 2 to New York July 5  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1843 Leaving Laurvig for passengers embarking in Langesund and FredriksværnAtlantic Journey ID 8675
 1843 June 15 Ship surrendered by Ice, 150ft highAtlantic Journey ID 8676
 1843 July 4 Arrived in New York during celebration and fireworksAtlantic Journey ID 8677
 1843 Passengers leaving the ship for Wisconsin over Oswego paying $7 1/2 adults, children half price.Atlantic Journey ID 8678
 1844 Captain Herman Roosen Smith  from Langesund May 21 to New York July 9  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1844 August 21 leaving New York for Buenos AyresAtlantic Journey ID 10488
 1845 The New-York Sun, February 24 1845 reported the attack on Montevideo Dec.15 1844Atlantic Journey ID 8680
 1845 May 4 Gothenburg from New York in 34 days, 12 days without wind on Dogger Bank - GothenburgAtlantic Journey ID 8681
 1845 June 16 Helsingør from Stockholm to New York with iron, Capt SmithAtlantic Journey ID 8682
 1845 Aug. 7 New York from StockholmAtlantic Journey ID 8683
 1845 Leaving New York for TenerifeAtlantic Journey ID 8684
 1845 October 7 Santa Cruz de Teneriffe from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 10519
 1846 Jan. 3 New York from TenerifeAtlantic Journey ID 8685
 1846 Jan. 17 New York for Charlestown in ballastAtlantic Journey ID 8686
 1846 Captain Simon O. Cock  from Porsgrunn May 23 to New York Aug. 11  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1846 Arrived with passengers and ironAtlantic Journey ID 8687
 1846 August leaving New York for James River, loading in James RiverAtlantic Journey ID 8688
 1846 September, lost bowsprit, topgallant stay, sail and foremast in stormAtlantic Journey ID 8690
 1847 Captain Simon O. Cock  from Porsgrunn June 7 to New York Aug. 5   
 1847 April 28 Antwerp from Rio JaneiroAtlantic Journey ID 8691
 1847 May arrived Skien from Antwerp, loading iron ($2200) for AmericaAtlantic Journey ID 8692
 1847 Sept. leaving New York for CadizAtlantic Journey ID 8693
 1848 August in Rio JaneiroAtlantic Journey ID 8694
 1849 Dec. 18 Gibraltar: from Rio Janeiro, clear for CorfuAtlantic Journey ID 8695
 1849 Jan 31. Constantinople from Rio Janeiro, Capt. CockAtlantic Journey ID 8696
 1849 Mid June, arrived Langesund, Norway being sailing for more then one yearAtlantic Journey ID 8697
 1850 November 6 Rio Janeiro from HartpoolAtlantic Journey ID 8698
 1850 Jan. 16 Rio Janeiro for St. CatarinaAtlantic Journey ID 8699
 1850 Feb. 21. Buenos Ayres: in the harbor, Capt. TilliscAtlantic Journey ID 8700
 1850 Mar. 8. Leaving Buenos Ayres for BuccoAtlantic Journey ID 8701
 1851 May 8. Malta from SalonicaAtlantic Journey ID 8702
 1851 May 30. Leaving Malta for Queenstown (Ireland)Atlantic Journey ID 8703
 1851 July 7. Falmouth from Salonica, leaving for Limerick July 21Atlantic Journey ID 8704
 1851 July 29. Limerick from SalonicaAtlantic Journey ID 8706
 1851 Aug. 19 Limerick for St. YbesAtlantic Journey ID 8707
 1851 Sept. 20 St. Ybes from LimerickAtlantic Journey ID 8708
 1852 Captain R. Tillisc  from Porsgrunn to New York July 16  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1852 July 29 St. John N.B. from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 8709
 1852 Aug. 15 leaving St. John for GrimsbyAtlantic Journey ID 8710
 1852 October 19 at Hastings: from Hull to Gibraltar. Pilot. Nov. 12 at GibraltarAtlantic Journey ID 8711
 1852 November 23 leaving Gibraltar for Malaga, arriving there Nov. 12Atlantic Journey ID 8713
 1853 March 8 Malta for Queenstown, arriving at Falmouth March 23Atlantic Journey ID 8715
 1853 Captain R. Tillisc  from Limerick June 13 to New York Aug. 14   
 1853 May 17 Lanarca for LimerickAtlantic Journey ID 8717
 1853 October 12 off Falmouth: from Richibucto to Hull, Oct. 21 at HullAtlantic Journey ID 8718
 1853 November 9 Hull for NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 8720
 1854 February 3 off Dungeness: from Norway, all well, Capt. TillischAtlantic Journey ID 8721
 1854 February 6. Torbay from Porsgrund, Feb. 10 FowayAtlantic Journey ID 8722
 1854 Feb. 25 leaving Foway for Torrevieja, SpainAtlantic Journey ID 8724
 1854 Mar. 21 Torrevieja from FowayAtlantic Journey ID 8725
 1854 July 7 leaving Barrow for PorsgrundAtlantic Journey ID 8726
 1854 July 8 leaving Bristol for PorsgrundAtlantic Journey ID 8727
 1854 Aug. 31 leaving Pill for NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 8728
 1855 Aug. 11 Guernsey from PorsgrundAtlantic Journey ID 8729
 1855 Sept. 25 Sheerness from PorsgrundAtlantic Journey ID 8730
 1855 Sept. 29 Rochester from Porsgrund and SheernessAtlantic Journey ID 8731
 1855 Oct. 7 leaving Rochester for PorsgrundAtlantic Journey ID 8732
 1855 Nov. 25 London for PorsgrundAtlantic Journey ID 8733
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
The brig Washington was built and owned by timber-merchant H. E. Møller of Porsgrunn. She was built at "Osebakken" in Porsgrunn in 1842.

In 1842 the Washington departed from Larvik June 3rd, and arrived at New York July 30th. She was carrying a load of iron and 64 passengers, mostly from Telemark. She was mastered by Herman Roosen Smith. The crossing was smooth until they reached the Newfoundland banks. There they ran into fog and many of the passengers became sick. The symptoms were like those of cholera, and 25 - 30 of the passengers were suffering from the sickness at the same time. The decease was cured by a strict diet, through cleanliness and vapor of chlorine and vinegar. When the ship came to New York there was no sign of sickness among the passengers any longer. The passengers took a very moved farewell with the captain and his ship. Many of them were crying and blessing the captain for having treated them so well. Mrs. Jørundal who had been near death from her sickness, gave the captain a filigree brooch of her breast in gratitude. In 1843 she departed from Langesund May 2nd, and arrived at New York July 5th. Master was Capt. Smith. On the 1844 voyage the ship was mastered by W. Smith. He used 49 days from Porsgrund to New York. She departed from Porsgrunn May 21st, and arrived at New York July 9th. From New York she sailed with cargo to England, and from there she went to Ireland to take on passengers for New York.

In 1846 the Washington departed from Porsgrunn on May 23 and from Tvedestrand on May 30th. This time she was mastered by Capt. Simon O. Cock, who later became the Captain of the Vesta. Tonnage was measured to 84 Norwegian Commercial lasts. Letters and reports of this passage were printed in the paper "Skiensposten" July 22nd and September 5th.


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