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 Ellen Stenersdatter Gullickson
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Posted - 23/09/2017 :  23:51:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good work Anton!

Here is Thov Stenerson in 1880 in Goodhue county:

Here is a Thor Anderson in 1885 Goodhue county b. about 1808 Norway, could be Thor Adneson?:

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Posted - 24/09/2017 :  02:50:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I definitely think that your find of Thor Anderson in the Minnesota State Census, 1885 is correct. Here is the family in the 1880 Census and wife Kari (Caroline) is still alive.


A little harder to get a definitive answer on Thov Stenerson.

The families did scatter but in the end were still mostly findable.

Here is Guro with her son in the 1920 US Census.


A Family Tree for her states that she died

DEATH 26 SEP 1920 • Garnes Township, Red Lake, Minnesota

Which is about right with allowances for spelling.

Gyro Anderson
in the Minnesota, Death Index, 1908-2002
Name: Gyro Anderson
Death Date: 26 Sep 1920
Death County: Red Lake
State File Number: 012459
Certificate Number: 012459
Certificate Year: 1920
Record Number: 311874

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Posted - 24/09/2017 :  04:06:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
FAG identifies her as "Thorsdatter":
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Norway Heritage Veteran

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Posted - 24/09/2017 :  05:30:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A good possibility for Aslaug 1st wife of Stener Aadneson:

This Aslaug had a brother Ole baptized 5 Dec 1813, a sister Margret baptized 5 June 1802 and a brother b about 1799 named Torger:
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Posted - 24/09/2017 :  23:29:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This from Telemark to America Volume II-Settlements published by the Telelag of America, page 106 (in the section on Goodhue county) written in September 1917:

"Nils and Neri Nerison also live near the church [the Minneola church]
--Nils to the north and Neri farther west. They were sons of Knut Nerison who came here from Lunde in Laardal and bought land where Nils now lives. He was married to Guro Torsdatter Tweito. She died a long time ago; but Knut passed away this summer at the age of 84. He had five daughters who live hereabouts, except Mrs Austgarden who lives in Fertile."

This is Knut Nerison's marriage from MOMS:

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Posted - 25/09/2017 :  00:13:09  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ellen Stensdatter Anderson did not marry Nils Ellefsen until October 21, 1865. So in the "Minnesota, Territorial and State Censuses, 1849-1905" for 1865 which was taken June 1, 1865 she is shown living with her mother and rest of family in Belle Creek. The amount of information in this census is limited to name, sex and location.

Ellen Anderson
in the Minnesota, Territorial and State Censuses, 1849-1905
Name: Ellen Anderson
Census Date: 1 Jun 1865
County: Goodhue
Locality: Belle Creek
Gender: Female
LINE: 39
Roll: MNSC_1

The family consists of

Julia Anderson

Also living at the same residence were

Nerl Swinaxen
Ann Johnson
Julia Thompson

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Posted - 25/09/2017 :  00:40:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is likely the Neri found in the 1865 Minnesota State Census.

Neri Sveinungsen
in the U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Records, 1826-1940\
Name: Neri Sveinungsen
Gender: Male
Event Type: Marriage
Marriage Date: 6 Aug 1865
Marriage Place: Kenyon, Minnesota, USA
Spouse: Guri Thorsdatter
Church Name: Holden Lutheran Church
Church Location: Goodhue County, Minnesota

Witnesses are Thor Aadnesen and Tollef Tollefsen

Not surprising all these families from Belle Creek, Goodhue County seem to be very very interconnected. There also seems to be a lot of Guro aka Julia around as well.

While they both carry the Neri name. I do not think they are related

Neri Svenungsen b Aug 21, 1836 Heddal, Telemark, Norway


Knud Nerisen Lunde b Feb 5, 1832 Laardal,Telemark,Norway


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Posted - 25/09/2017 :  02:27:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Proximity helps build a circumstantial case--if they can't be anyone else they are probably the ones you seek.

Thor Aadneson came with 5 children in 1859: daughters named

Thorbjor age 20
Guro age 16
Thodne age 14
Rannei 10
and son Aadne age 6

In the same church that Ellen's Henry Olaus Mastre was baptized are these baptisms / faddernes:

Hanna b 6 Apr 1872 Knut Nerisen & Guro Thoresdatter
fad: Erik Aavoldsen, Thone Aavoldsen, Aadne Thorsen, Margret Johnsdatter Aasen

Carl Joseph b. 24 April 1872 John Aunth and Thorbjør Thorsdtr
fad: Knut Neresen, Guro Neresen, Anders Olsen, Berit Olsdtr.

Ingeborg Bertha b. 18 April 1873 Ole Anderson Sauland & Guro Thorsdtr
fad: Knut Nerisen, Guro Nerisen, Liv Ødegaard, Ole Stenerson

Karine b. 7 March 1874 Johan Johnson Auset & Torbjør Thorsdtr
fad: Halvor C Lex___ and wife Tone; Ragnhilde Halvorsdtr, Ole Halvorsen.

Niels Thorenius b 20 Sept 1874 Knut Nerisen & Guro Thorsdtr
fad: Lars E Larsen, Berit Marthe Larsen, Aadne Thorson, Margit Olsdtr

Oscar b 26 May 1874 Oliver Olsen Ryalin (or Rjalin?) & Randi Thorsdtr
fad: John Auset, Thorbjør Auseth, Hans Ditlefsen, Margit Olsdtr

Arnt Marthinus b 31 Jan 1875 John Auseth & Thorbjor Torsdtr
fad: Ole Andreas Bjugan, Aadne T. Tveto, Pretrius J. Bjugan, Anne Marthe J. Auseth

Sophia b. 25 Nov 1876 Knute Nerison & Guro Thorsdtr
fad: Lars Larson, Berthe Larson, John Gevinger (?), Peter Peterson, Margit Olsdtr

Arent Marthinus b. 22 April 1877 John Johnson Auseth & Thorbjor Thorsdtr
fad: Lorenz T. Mo, wife Gunhild Syverson, Ole A Bjugan, wife Petrine Johnsdtr.

Turinus b 3 Aug 1877 Aadne Thorsen Tveto & Johanna Johannesdtr
fad: Knut Nerison Lunde, wife Guro Thorsdtr, Oscar Johanneson and Mina Johannesdtr

This last one means that Andrew Thompson of the 1880 census if most certainly Aadne Thorson!

Thone Thorsdtr age 17 married Erik Ovaldson age 36, on 29 June 1862 Thor Aadneson father gave permission and was witness and Johannes Ingebretsen.

Here the couple are in 1865. Rannei Thorson is living with them:

Tone Ovaldson in FAG:

Thorbjor Auseth in FAG:

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Posted - 25/09/2017 :  02:44:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
And to add two more to your long list.

Carolina b 16 Jan 1868 Neri Sveinungsen & Guro Thorsdatter
fad: Erik Avaldsen, Knut Nerisen, Rannie Thorsdatter, Tone Thorsdtter

Lena b 8 Mar 1866 Neri Sveinungsen & Guro Thorsdatter
fad: Thor Aanesen sp?, Andreas Johns Hogstad, Thorbjrog Thorsdatter, Tone Thorsdatter

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Posted - 25/09/2017 :  16:09:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by lyndal40

Stener and Guro were both listed for the baptism in June 1861 for the baptism of son Höje Havus Aadneson as posted on page one. Both Tore and Kari Aadnesen were witnesses.

Thus the 1860 Census record listing Hannah is somewhat suspect. Age is wrong for Guro according to the emigration and marriage records.

Stener died in 1865 age 58 and on the original record his parents are listed as Aadne Hoynes (approximate spelling) and Guro Steinarsdatter of Laurdal.

in the U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Records, 1826-1940
Name: Steinar
Event Type: Burial
Death Date: Apr 1865
Burial Date: 5 Jun 1865
Church Name: Holden Lutheran Church
Church Location: Goodhue County, Minnesota

So I wonder where the surviving family was in 1870 Census.

This is likely what is left of the family of Thor Aadnesen and wife Kari still living in Belle Creek, Goodhue County. Living with them is a Helen Anderson who I suppose could be the Hannah Anderson listed as Stener/s wife in the 1860 Census.

1870 Census

More likely Hellen is the aunt id'd as Hage in the 1880 census. But note the daughter Rannei / Randi/ is found as Rosa with her husband Oliver in the 1870 household. Guro, Stener's widow, was already married to Ole Anderson by then.

Oliver Ryland family in 1875 census:

1880 Oliver Ryland family:

1885 in Polk county, Minnesota Oliver Ryland family:

Ho, Ho, to Dakota we go, north that is 1910 Oliver Ryland family:

Rannei Ryland in FAG:

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Posted - 25/09/2017 :  22:12:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Unfortunately neither one of the documents I ordered had any information on Ellen’s parents. Her death certificate lists her being born in Norway in June 1837 (no day) in Norway. She was 75 years and 5 months at death on Nov 20, 1912. She was the parent of 8 children, of whom 7 are living. She died of apoplexy in Grafton, ND. (Side note, I grew up in Grafton, IL.) witnessed by Elias Mastre from grafton, ND. Date of burial 11/22/1912. Nothing listed for Father and Mother.

The biography says:
Mrs. Ellen Mastre was born in Norway in 1839, she came to Minnesota 1864 and was married to Nels Mastre in 1865. She lived in Iowa for a few years and then came to Dakota Territory in a covered wagon in 1882, she settled 9 miles west of Grafton where she resides until her time of death November 20, 1913. It then lists her children and grandchildren.
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Posted - 26/09/2017 :  06:42:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Okay, that's a fail that's disappointing, but it had to get played. The only other publicly available record I can think of that might have something would be newspapers.

Their farm was closer to Park River than Grafton so here are Park River titles:

Do you have a library card? If so, ask them to ILL (interlibrary Loan) from the State Historical Society of North Dakota the appropriate film which covers Ellen's date of death. Fees are generally pretty small $2 or $4. Looks like its the Park River Gazette News.

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Posted - 27/09/2017 :  00:30:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Searching the ELCA data base is not an easy task and I also wanted to follow where did Ellen Stnersdatter live in the early years. So I wandered through ELCA and found this information and combined it with the US Census for this chart.

Ellen Stenersdatter

In 1860 Census living in Belle Creek, Goodhue County with father Stena Anderson (Stener Aadnesen)

In Oct 21, 1865 marries Niels Ellefsen in Byron, Olmsted County.

In Sep 16, 1866 baptized son Stener Andreas b Aug 1866 in Byron, Olmsted County

In July 11, 1867 she and husband Nils Ellefsen served as witnesses for the baptism of Janet Oline daughter of Audne Halvorsen and ? Ellefsdatter in Byron Olmsted County

In Nov 10, 1867 still living in Byron, Olmsted County, since son Halvor is confirmed with parents listed as Nils Ellefsen and Gunvor Halvorsdatter.

In Nov 24, 1867 baptized daughter Gunvor b Oct 18, 1867 in Byron Olmsted County, Witnesses Anders Halvorsen, Ellen Nilsen, ? Ellefsdatter, Helene A Nilsdatter

In Apr 25, 1869 baptized Anne Christine b Jan 25, 1869 in Byron, Olmsted County, Witnesses Aadne Halvors, Halv Nils, A. Elllefsen, Andrea Nilsd

In August 19, 1870 Census living in Belle Creek, Goodhue County with husband Nels Elifson and three children, one likely hers Andrew born 1866, Other two James 1857 and Isak 1860 likely from first marriage of Niels.

In Dec 4, 1870 baptized son Henry b Nov 15, 1870 Northfield, Dakota County, witnesses are Thor Adnesen, Hans ?, Gruo Thorsdatter, Helle Andrea NielsdattterIn

In Dec 9, 1872 baptized son Simon b Oct 6, 1872 Winnebago, Worth, Iowa, witnesses are Lars E Mastre, Elef N Mastre, Anne Marie Ingebrigtsd., ? Andrea Nils

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Posted - 27/09/2017 :  00:32:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have requested a search in the local newspaper as suggested.
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