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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
1,272 gross 1876 at Hull, England by Earle‘s Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Wilson Line, Hull, England 245ft x 31ft x 17.3ft 
 1876 LaunchedAtlantic Journey ID 4014
 1877 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1877 Feb. 6. Capt. Johnson from Hull to Christiania with 212 packages of exhibits objects from the Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876. Among the objects were several paintings. In Christiansand unloaded another 69 packages for Bergen and other places.Atlantic Journey ID 8478
 1879 Christiania - Hull - London   
 1880 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull - London   
 1881 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull - London   
 1882 March 9, from Christiania with emigrants. Cargo: live stock exports, some 43 cows sent to LondonAtlantic Journey ID 4964
 1882 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1882 Christiania - Christiansand - London   
 1883 Christiania - Christiansand - London   
 1884 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull - London   
 1886 Christiania - Christiansand - London   
 1887 April, Capt. Langeland on route Christiania - London with mostly wood products, mails and fish oilAtlantic Journey ID 8436
 1888 Christiania - Christiansand - London   
 1888 December; run aground in the fjord of Oslo on route Christiania – London. Replaced by S/S PantherAtlantic Journey ID 4934
 1889 Trondheim - Christiansund - Aalesund - Hull   
 1891 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1891 Oct. 23. Capt. Potter from Christiania with passengers. Cargo loaded: Clothes, nails, paper wood pulp, matches margarine and timber.Atlantic Journey ID 8863
 1893 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1895 Trondheim - Bergen - Stavanger - Hull   
 1895 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1899 Tr.heim - Kr.sund - Ålesund - Bergen - Stavanger - Hull   
 1902 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1902 Kristiania - Kristiansand - London   
 1903 Kristiania - Kristiansand - London   
 1904 Kristiania - Kristiansand - London   
 1905 Kristiania - Kristiansand - London   
 1906 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1907 Tr.heim - Kr.sund - Ålesund - Bergen - Stavanger - Hull   
 1908 Sold for scrapping, PrestonAtlantic Journey ID 4015
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
Cameo - Wilson Line steamship
Cameo - Wilson Line steamship
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Camoe - Wilson Line steamship, cabin plan
Camoe - Wilson Line steamship, cabin plan
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Tonnage: 1,272 tons gross, 939 under deck and 833 net. Poop 155 feet long and forecastle 28 feet long. Rigging: iron construction, single screw 3 masts schooner rigged, 2 decks, 1 of iron and 6 bulkheads. Propulsion: compound engine with 2 inverted cylinders of 33 ¼ & 64 ½ in. diameter respectively, stroke 42 inches, 170 horsepower. The engine was built by the same company as the hull. When built she was equipped with accommodation for 43 passengers on first class, 14 on second class, and 413 on third class (steerage).

This ship was serving on a number of different routes between Norway and Britain, as can been seen from the table above, but mainly on the London route. However, she was never regular on any of the routes and it seams as if she was mostly used as a relief vessel. on March 27th, 1895 she departed Trondheim for Hull via Christiansand and Aalesund and ran aground near Aalesund. The hull was seriously damaged after the grounding and she had 14ft long, and 1ft wide hole in the bottom, and the ship was filled with water and sank till all of the stern was under water. A contract was made with the company "Weideman" of Trondheim to salvage the ship and cargo. The ship was then salvaged, but had to undergo serious repairs. She was then re-engined with a triple expansion 3 cylindered engine delivering 161 NHP. In September 1908 she was sold to T. W. Ward, Preston for scrapping.

[The Wilson Line of Hull, 1831-1981 by A.G.Credland & M.Thompson][Lloyd's register of ships][Wilson Line, by John Harrower][Morgenbladet 1877-1907][Trondjems Adressekontors Efterretninger 1877-1907]


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