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Arrival   Sort
  BrigAxel & Valborg, Capt. BlomSkien May 26 
Havre June 13 180  
  SchoonerEllida, Capt. WergePorsgrunn  
Havre May 12 523  
  BrigHercules, Capt. OvervienDrammen May 5 
Passenger list 
New York July 6 807  
  BrigHaabet, Capt. TorjusenStavanger May 11 
Passenger list 
New York July 19 874  
  BarkJohanna, Capt. MensingDrammen May 22 
Passenger list 
New York July 22 943  
  BarkJuno, Capt. BendixenBergen May 11 
Passenger list 
New York July 14 955  
  SchoonerLucie Marie, Capt. PramBergen May 8 
Passenger list 
New York July 15 1182  
  BrigMercurius, Capt. GeelmydenBergen July 1 
Passenger list 
New York Sep. 7 1220  
  BarkSalvator, Capt. GasmannPorsgrunn May 13 
Passenger list 
New York July 13 1638  
  BrigThora, Capt. JohnsenSkien Apr. 24 
Havre  1918  
  BrigVenskabet, Capt. BlomSkien - Langesund June 5 
Havre  2005  
  BrigWashington, Capt. SmithLangesund May 2 
Passenger list 
New York July 5 2056  
  BarkWinterflid, Capt. ElligersSkien - Porsgrunn May 19 
Passenger list 
New York July 27 2040  
  BarkÆolus, Capt. ThorbjørnsenSkien - Havre June 5 
Passenger list 
New York Aug. 28 9  

Additional journeys or not confirmed journeys:
  ShipArgo, Capt. AnthonyHavre June 23 
Passenger list 
New York July 26 2197  
  SailFamilien, Capt. PedersenPorsgrunn  
Havre June 12 580  
  BrigKong Carl Johan, Capt. TombsGothenburg  
New York Oct. 8 2203  
  SailLorena, Capt. UrquhartHavre  
Passenger list 
New York July 17 2198  
  BarkTecumseh, Capt. RipleyHavre  
Passenger list 
New York Aug. 8 2201  
  ShipTuskina, Capt. JohnsonHavre  
Passenger list 
New York Aug. 14 2199  
  SailUnchas, Capt. LathamHavre  
Passenger list 
New York July 19 2200  


Newspaper notice from "Morgenbladet" 1843
Skien July 6th. The two brigs Axel & Valborg and Venskabet have just returned from Havre de Grace, to where they conveyed 329 emigrants, of which 309 proceeded on the ship Argo on Midsummer Day from Havre to New York. The cost of passage on the Argo was 50 Fr., which was 10 Fr. more than what they had expected. On the same ship there were also 80 emigrants from Switzerland. All the Norwegian emigrants were healthy and by good courage at departure. The brig Venskabet is returning 26 emigrants which did not have the sufficient means to proceed to America. Let that be a warning for others not to start on such a long voyage without taking notice of what kind of means is needed. Passengers who departed from here with Capt. Pedersen [* This could be the Nora or the Familien] and Capt. Johnsen [Thora] was able to get places on ordinary merchant ships at the cost of 47 Fr. each. Ship Æolus, Capt. Thorbjørnesn of Kragerø, enrolled 130 of its own passengers to proceed with the ship from Havre to New York. The other 35 passengers were transferred to another ship to proceed to New York at the cost of 47 Fr..

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