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 Hans Myhre Help!!!
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Posted - 19/09/2011 :  03:43:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In the 1900 US Census it lists Hans Myhren as emmigrating in 1880, the birth year is however off.

Name: Hans Myer
[Hana Myer]
[Hans Kyer]
Home in 1900: Manitowoc Ward 2, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
[Manitowoc, Manitowoc, Wisconsin]
Age: 37
Birth Date: Jun 1862
Birthplace: Norway
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1880
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Father's Birthplace: Norway
Mother's Birthplace: Norway
Spouse's Name: Matilda Myer
Marriage year: 1888
Marital Status: Married
Years married: 12
Occupation: View on Image
Household Members: Name Age
Hans Myer 37
Matilda Myer 35
Henry Myer 10
Rosie Myer 9
May Myer 6/12
Alfred Myer 5
Rufus Myer 2
John Myer 34

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Posted - 19/09/2011 :  09:51:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Myrum, Myr, Myhre, Myra, Myren means the same in Norwegian; BOG.
Vågå has its own dialect, quite dif. from other areas in Norway.
The Norwegian alphabet is pronounced differently from the English.

The Y in Myhre has a long Y, you can practice here


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Posted - 19/09/2011 :  12:15:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Myrum and Meyer in the Manitowoc forest, see right side page 110 here

Info tells that Jonn Meyer was born Sept. 1865. it correspond with the 1865 census and the church record from Vaage/ Vågå.
Johannes (John) Hansen born on Myrum Sept. 17. 1865, same parents as Hans Hansen Myrum;
Farmer Hans Olsen and Marit Jacobsdatter Myrum, see #101

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Posted - 08/10/2011 :  23:12:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you for your responses. I believe this is my family.

One more question. I can't seem to find Hans in the parish register that you noted John is in. I found John (Johannes) and also found a sister Barbro, but no Hans.

I scanned all of 1861 & 62 for birth date, first names of Hans and also looked for his parents, but could not locate the correct Hans. Can anyone find him?

Thanks again for everyone's help

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Posted - 10/10/2011 :  11:13:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I can't seem to find Hans in the parish register that you noted John is in
- he is there, see #102, he was born July 28 1860 and baptized at home, confirmed in church Sept 30.

His brother Tosten (= Thorstein) was born Nov 7 1857, see #108.

The brother Poul (= Paul) was born Sept 15 1855, see #123.

The brother Ole was born June 25 1853, see #58.

The sister Rønnoug (= Ronnaug) was born Jan 17 1851, see #11.


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Posted - 10/10/2011 :  11:55:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The confirmation record for Hans Hansen, Myrum is #19, it says that he was born on Nedre Sandboeie.

The parents Hans Olsen, Sandboeie and Marit Jacobsdatter, Blesumeie were married Dec 5 1850, see #37.

The grandparents Ole Hansen and Rønnoug Thoresdatter were married Oct 30 1819, see #32.


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Posted - 15/10/2011 :  17:00:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ok, now I am confused. Everything I have says Hans was born 6/18/1861. It is on his obituary and his tombstone. I always thought the 6/18 was strange because that is the date of my grandmother's birthday his daughter Mae or Marit. Would everyone agree that maybe the tombstone is wrong and his obit wrong. I imagine his wife gave the birth date because she was still alive when he died or it could have been his oldest son Henry that gave the birth date. Mathilda was in a nursing home when Hans died. What woould be the reason for a difference in birth date?
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Posted - 16/10/2011 :  03:18:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Well, we are each an eyewitness to our own birth but we are in no condition to be "good" witnesses of the event!

So the reason a person knows their birth date is because they've been told that it's a certain date and that the family celebrates a certain date, that the pastor gave an attest that the person was born on a certain date (even though the pastor has made a mistake or has misremembered and written it down incorrectly.) Or maybe Hans wasn't sure that he remembered the date and once the babies started asking about Papa's birthday, he made something up which was close or what he remembered having heard, etc. Lots of reasons for a variance in a date.

To extinguish your doubt about the finding of Hans, here are some interesting statistics:

In the 1865 Norwegian census online there is a way to search for an individual about whom you have limited information. Looking only for persons whose first name is Hans (no other spelling, no combo names, etc.) who was born only in 1861 (all dates within that year, not just 18 June) there are 1,097 people who answer to that. If you had started searching for the birth/ baptism record for each one of those back in 2003 when you were working this question before, finding one a day, you would have already been done, about 5 years ago,

But since a place of origin has been found in one online record for your Hans as "Gulbransdalen" that eliminating a large portion of that 1097. You could now look for the birth/ baptism 101 Hans b. 1861 who were living in Oppland fylke (the political division which contains the area called Gudbrandsdalen) for any that were born on that date. A one-a-day search will take something like 3-4 months (I'm padding a bit here because there will be a number of Hans' born in 1861 who will have moved in the years between 1861-1866 to other parishes and you will need a bit of time to find them as well),

This exhaustive research should eliminate any doubt about your Hans, particularly if you don't find any other Hans born on the date.

It might be best if you took the time and collected absolutely every record on the man, his children, his wife and each of his siblings (particularly the brother John who was also in the US--by the by is John or any other sibling mentioned in the copy of Hans's obit you have?) over here.

Jackie M.

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Posted - 16/10/2011 :  20:08:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Nothing mentioned in Hans' obit about any siblings or where he was born. it just said Norway and birth date of 6/18/1861.

I found the Gubrandsdalen on his oldest son's brith certificate.

On John's entry through Castle Garden is said his nearest relative was his father back in Vaage. So the family was still in Vaage. I will search further in that area to confirm this is really my Hans.

I haven't had much time since first asking about him since I usually work 50-60 hours a week. Hopefully in a few years when I retire I can devote more time to my geneology which i truely love doing. Thank you everyone for your help
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Posted - 20/10/2011 :  22:19:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
As mentioned previously, the Han Hansen from the Myhrum/Myrum farm had these siblings:
Rønnoug (= Ronnaug) was born Jan 17 1851
Ole was born June 25 1853
Poul (= Paul) was born Sept 15 1855
Tosten (= Thorstein) was born Nov 7 1857
Johannes (John) was born on Sept. 17 1865

Ole appears in the 1910 Norway census, but I didn't see Hans' other brothers listed.
There's a Paul Meier listed in the 1900 Chicago census, born Sept 1854 in Norway. His wife is Lina and 5 of their 10 children are living. They appear under the name "Myhrum" in the 1910 & 1920 censuses. They were living their married daughter in 1920. Lina died in 1921 and Paul died in 1931. Paul was a cabinet maker. I think this is Paul and Lina emigrating from Kristiania in 1881:

There's a Thorsten Myhrum in the 1900 Chicago census, born Nov 1856 in Norway. He's married with 4 living children. He's a wood carver:*&ln=Inghram&st=d&ssrc=&pid=10670167

This is Thorsten's 1906 death certificate (same street address as above):

John "Myrum," born September 1865 in Norway in 1900 Grand Rapids, MI. He's a woodcarver:

Widower John Myhrum in the 1930 Chicago census. Not sure if this the same John:

A John Myhrum born about 1864 in Norway died in Cook County, IL in 1938:

Here is Ole Hansen Myrum's headstone in Norway. With the presence of flowers, one can assume descendants are caring for the grave. You might want to try to make contact with them. They may have more information on Hans...

Lykke til! (Good luck!)
Vickie in MN

Personal genealogy focus: Goodhue County, Minnesota and the Norway kommunes of L�rdal; Aurland and Vang in Valdres.

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Posted - 04/11/2011 :  23:08:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks so much for the picture. You said to make contact with them, but where do I find an email address on who contributed the gravestone picture.

I am so thankful to everyone for all the information.
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