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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
1,536 gross 1874 at Hull, England by Humphrey & Pearson Wilson Line, Hull, England 258.8ft x 33.6ft x 18.2ft  
 1874 LaunchedAtlantic Journey ID 3992
 1874 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1874 Aug. 18, former Capt Nicholson of S/S Hero arrived from Hull on S/S Angelo maiden journey to Christiania, landed on pier Palæbryggen. Returned to Hull on Friday Aug. 21 with passengers and cargo of wood pulp and oats. Atlantic Journey ID 8465
 1875 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1876 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1877 April 27. Capt. Nicholson from Christiania to Hull with passengers and wood pulp.Atlantic Journey ID 8479
 1877 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1878 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1879 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1879 July. 4. Capt. Nicholson from Christiania to Hull with 134 emigrants. Cargo loaded; timber and general goods. Capt. G. Nicholson died of stroke in August 1879.Atlantic Journey ID 8498
 1880 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1881 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1881 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull - London   
 1882 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1882 May 12, The Wilson Line steamships Angelo and Argo left Christiania with 889 emigrants for over Hull, England to immigrate to the United StatesAtlantic Journey ID 4973
 1883 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1884 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1885 April. Fitted with electrical light all over include lantern and even in the machine and firing room. Total 120 lamps of whom 8 in the dining room. Phonix dynamo machines from Paterson & Coopers and Edison Swan lamps were usedAtlantic Journey ID 4956
 1885 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1886 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1887 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1887 June 3, Capt. Johnson from Christiania with 325 emigrants. Cargo: 29.000-kilo paper, 20.000-kilo wood pulp, 42.200-kilo canned milk, 28.000-kilo matches, fresh salmon, zinc ashes and clothes.Atlantic Journey ID 8464
 1888 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1889 March 22, Capt. Johnson from Christiania to Hull with 214 emigrants. Cargo: timber, wood pulp, paper, 33.800kg nails, sewing, butter, shoddy, smoked and fresh herring and 1.000 kg of old ropesAtlantic Journey ID 4940
 1889 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1890 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1891 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1891 Oct. 10. Capt Johnson from Christiania with 93 emigrants. Cargo loaded 2800litre red whortleberry, 250kilo butter, 8352kilo margarine, nails, paper, wood pulp, matches and timber.Atlantic Journey ID 8860
 1892 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1893 April 7, Capt. Johnsen from Kristiania with passengers. Cargo; 2.132kg pork, 70800 kg herring, smoked herring, butter, margarine, clothes, nails, paper, wood pulp, and 72.000kg matches.Atlantic Journey ID 8426
 1893 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1894 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1895 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1896 Christiania - Christiansand - Hull   
 1896 June 28. Capt. Johnson, route Kristiania - Hull with 285-m³ timbers, 48.000-kilo matches, 138.000-kilo wood pulpAtlantic Journey ID 4803
 1896 Oct. 10. Capt. Johnson for Hull with a cargo of 1.260 liters of beer, 464 m³ timbers, 84.000-kilo matches and 63.000-kilo wood pulpAtlantic Journey ID 4805
 1897 Jan. 8 Capt. Johnson, Kristiania - Hull, cargo 2000kg margarine, 35.000kg matches, 345-m³ timber, 210.000 wood pulp, 14.000 kg sewing and 68.000 fresh herringAtlantic Journey ID 4853
 1897 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1897 June 11, Capt. Johnson from Kristiania to Hull with emigrants. Cargo: 125 m³ timbers, 19.000kg matches and 43.000kg wood pulpAtlantic Journey ID 4925
 1897 Sept. 17; Capt. Johnson left Kristiania for Hull. Arrived in Hull Sept. 19Atlantic Journey ID 4932
 1897 Sept. 19; collided in Hull with the Dutch ship “Rijnstrom” while on anchor. Angelo sprang leak so Capt. Johnson immediately weights anchor and sailed her on ground close to Earl’s Shipyard. There was some damage to the cargo but no personal injuriesAtlantic Journey ID 4933
 1898 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1899 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1900 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1900 Nov. 13 Arrived in Hull and had to go in dock. The route Kristiania – Hull replaced by S/S EldoradoAtlantic Journey ID 4840
 1901 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1902 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1903 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1904 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1905 Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull   
 1906 Sold for scrappingAtlantic Journey ID 3993
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges

The Angelo (1) was built in 1874 by Humphry & Pearson Shipbuilding in Hull for the Wilson Line. Tonnage was 1,536 tons gross, 1,057 under deck and 993 net. Poop 385 tons, forecastle 32 tons and house on deck 73 tons. Rigging: iron construction, single screw, 3 masts steam Schooner, 2 deck, 1 of iron, 4 bulkheads and 1 partial bulkhead. Propulsion: compound engine with 2 inverted cylinders of 37 and 72 inches diameter respectively, stroke 42 inches, delivering 300 horsepower. The engine was built by the same company as the hull.

Angelo, Wilson Line steamship
Picture of the S/S Angelo
[From The Illustrated London News, 1874]
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Angelo, Wilson Line steamship
Angelo, Wilson Line steamship
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Along with the picture there was also an article with a description of the ship. The article is also printed in the book "The Wilson Line of Hull, 1831-1981" by Arthur G.Credland & M. Thompson. (The text has been shortened)

" - She has been built under special survey, and is classed 20 years in the London register. Her lines are very fine. The accommodation for passengers is superior to that of most vessels a float. The dining room is entirely separate from the dormitories and there is a magnificent drawing room apart from the staterooms or the dining saloon. The vessel is pooped for fully three parts of her entire length, and there is a top gallant forecastle 35ft long. The bulwarks between the forecastle and the poop are about 7ft high. At the aft and is a teak-built deckhouse which is a smoking room, reading room or lounge, for the use of passengers. The house is fitted up in mahogany and upholstered in green leather.

Angelo, Wilson Line steamship cabin plan
Angelo, Wilson Line steamship cabin plan
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Next comes a huge iron galley with ventilation roof. The galley is divided by a partition. One side is for cooking for first class passengers, the other for emigrants who are brought to Hull on their way to America.

Amidships is a substantial teak-built house, which rests upon iron coamings. This is the dining saloon 43ft long and 15ft wide. The roof of the dining-room is a promenade for the first class passengers; all round it are seats for their accommodation. The saloon within is a luxuriously fitted apartment. The cabinet work is of polished mahogany, and the sofas and settees are upholstered in crimson velvet. The floor is covered with a rich oilcloth, on which hansom Brussels carpet-runners are laid. The sides of the saloon are paneled in maple, with wainscot frames and rosewood mouldings. In the center of each frame an ebony pilaster springs from the top of the sofa.

The pilasters terminate in richly carved and gilded capitals, and support a cornice in white and gold. At the after and of the saloon is a pantry. The drawing room may be entered from either side of the vessel. This room is 18ft wide and occupies the forepart of the poop. It is not less magnificently fitted. The style of the woodwork is in keeping with that of the dining saloon but the upholstery is green velvet, which offers a fine contrast of color with the gilded carved work. The sofas are fixed across each end and the front side of the place reserved for a Broadwood piano. The floor is covered with a velvet pile carpet, of rich pink and blue pattern. Altogether the drawing room is most elegant and affords a degree of comfort and convenience rarely attained on board ship. The staterooms most of which are double berth afford accommodation to 74 passengers. There is a saloon for the exclusive use of lady passengers, and connecting with the stewardesses berth.

Outwardly as well as inwardly the Angelo presents a handsome appearance. She is rigged with three pole masts, and with fore and aft canvas. The fore and main masts are iron and mizzenmast of wood. The whole of the standing rigging is of wire rope. The sails consist of fore, main and mizzen topsails, stay foresail and jib and mizzen stay sails. Fore the shipping and discharging of cargo, three stern winches have been provided. The anchor is weighed by Harfield patent steam windlass which works with its own engine by steam supplied from the main boilers. The Angelo is propelled by a pair of compound surface condensing engines of 300 horse power, nominal, each are expected to develop 1400 indicated horse power. The high pressure cylinder is 41in in diameter, and the low pressure 72in with a 42in stroke. The engines are driven with two double-ended boilers, carrying a working pressure of 800lb to the square inch. The vessel can attain a speed of 12 knots"

The Angelo was placed on the Scandinavian feeder service the same year she was launched. Her first call at Christiania was in August 1874. She left Christiania for Hull via Christiansand on August 21st. Then for the rest of 1874 she was maintaining the Christiania Hull service together with the S/S Hero. The Wilson Line had weekly service from Christiania, departing every Friday, and arriving at Hull Sunday evening or Monday morning. In 1875 the S/S Angelo departed Christiania on Friday, July 2nd. at 5 p.m. and arrived Hull Sunday at 6½ p.m. This was a record-breaking journey over the North Sea. On the way to Hull the Angelo called at Christiansand and stayed there for four hours. In the spring of 1884 the Angelo ran aground on the small island of Bastø in the Christianiafjord (Oslofjord) while on her return voyage from Hull to Christiania. She was successfully towed off on March 19. The S/S Orlando and the S/S Marsdin replaced her on the route while she was in dock for repairs.

The Angelo was steady on in the Christiania service until 1905, when she was released by the S/S Salmo. On November 10th 1905 the Angelo departed from Christiania with emigrants for the last time. She had them done more than 700 voyages between Christiania and Hull, conveying the emigrants on their first stage on their way to America. In February 1906 she was sold to White & White for scrapping.

emigrants boarding the S/S Angelo at the pier in Christiania
S/S Angelo at Christiania

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The picture is from an old stereo view card. It shows emigrants boarding the S/S Angelo at the pier in Christiania. The picture is probably taken some time between 1900 and 1906, probably by photographer Anders B. Wilse. The announcement below is from Morgenbladet in 1875

Wilson Line image gallery

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