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 S/SJura18532 241 gross   314ft x 36ftAllan Line
 S/SJura18542 241 gross   314ft x 36ftCunard Line
 S/SLebanon18541 373 gross   252ft x 30ftCunard Line
 S/SCalabria18572 902 gross   331.7ft x 42.1ftCunard Line
 S/SAustralasian18572 902 gross   331.7ft x 42.1ftCunard Line
 S/SAustralasian (1)18572 902 gross   331.7ft x 42.1ftAllan Line
 S/SOlympus18601 794 gross   276ft x 36.6ftCunard Line
 S/SAtlas18601 794 gross   276ft x 36.5ftCunard Line
 S/SCorsica18631 134 gross   224.3ft x 32.2ftCunard Line
 S/STripoli18632 057 gross   292.5ft x 38.2ftCunard Line
 S/SAleppo18642 057 gross   292.5ft x 38.2ftCunard Line
 S/SMalta18652 132 gross   303.1ft x 39.3ftCunard Line
 S/SJava18652 866 gross   337.1ft x 42.9ftRed Star Line
 S/SJava18652 696 gross   337.1ft x 42.9ftCunard Line
 S/SZeeland (1)18652 866 gross   337.1ft x 42.9ftRed Star Line
 S/STarifa18652 058 gross   292.5ft x 38.2ftCunard Line
 S/SScotia (1)1866499 gross   193.7ft x 26.1ft x 13.6ftAnchor Line
 S/SWaesland18674 752 gross   435.1ft x 41.9ftRed Star Line
 S/SSiberia18672 498 gross   320ft x 39.5ftCunard Line
 S/SWaesland18674 752 gross   435.1ft x 41.9ftAmerican Line
 S/SRussia18672 960 gross   358ft x 43ftCunard Line
 S/SSamaria18682 574 gross   320.6ft x 39.5ftCunard Line
 S/SAlgeria18703 428 gross   361.2ft x 41.4ftCunard Line
 S/SPennland18703 428 gross   361.2ft x 41.1ftAmerican Line
 S/SAbyssinia18703 376 gross   363.5ft x 42.4ftCunard Line
 S/SAbyssinia18703 376 gross   363.5ft x 42.4ftGuion Line
 S/SPennland (1)18703 428 gross   361.2ft x 41.1ftRed Star Line
 S/SDemarara18721 904 gross   307.5ft x 31.4ftCunard Line
 S/STrinidad18721 900 gross   307.5ft x 31.4ftCunard Line
 S/SKlopstock18743 659 gross   377.4ft x 40.3ftHamburg America Line
 S/SBothnia (1)18744 535 gross   422.3ft x 42.2ft x 34.5ftCunard Line
 S/SSaint Germain18743 554 gross   377ft x 40ftC.G.T - Compagnie Générale Transatlantique (French Line)
 S/SSaragossa18742 263 gross   316.3ft x 35.3ftCunard Line
 S/SScythia (1)18744 557 gross   420.8ft x 42.2ftCunard Line
 S/SGallia18784 809 gross   430.1ft x 44.6ftCunard Line
 S/SGallia18784 809 gross   430.1ft x 44.6ftBeaver Line
 S/SGallia18784 809 gross   430.1ft x 44.6ftAllan Line
 S/SLake Winnipeg18793 300 gross   355.2ft x 40.2ftBeaver Line
 S/SLake Manitoba (1)18803 322 gross   355.2ft x 40.2ftBeaver Line
 S/SCatalonia18814 841 gross   429.6ft x 43ftCunard Line
 S/SHammonia (3)18814 247 gross   373ft x 45ftHamburg America Line
 S/SVersailles18814 247 gross   373ft x 45ftC.G.T - Compagnie Générale Transatlantique (French Line)
 S/SServia18817 392 gross   515ft x 52.1ftCunard Line
 S/SPavonia18825 588 gross   430.5ft x 46.4ftCunard Line
 S/SAurania (1)18827 269 gross   470ft x 57.2ft x 37.2ftCunard Line
 S/SAmerica (1)18835 528 gross   441.8ft x 51.2ftNational Line
 S/SLake Superior18844 562 gross   400ft x 44.2ftBeaver Line
 S/SCity of Paris (2)188810 499 gross   527.6ft x 63.2ftInman Line
 S/SCity of New York (3)188810 499 gross   527.6ft x 63.2ftInman Line
 S/SNew York188810 499 gross   527.6ft x 63.2ftAmerican Line
 S/SParis188810 499 gross   527.6ft x 63.2ftAmerican Line
 S/SPhiladelphia188810 786 gross   527.6ft x 63.2ftAmerican Line
 S/SFriesland18897 116 gross   437ft x 51.2ftAmerican Line
 S/SFriesland18897 116 gross   437ft x 51.2ftRed Star Line
 S/SKensington18938 669 gross   480ft x 57.2ftRed Star Line
 S/SKensington18938 669 gross   480ft x 57.2ftAmerican Line
 S/SKensington18938 669 gross   480ft x 57.2ftDominion Line

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A selection of articles dedicated to help you in your genealogy search for your Norwegian ancestors. Transcripts and pictures of historic documents in connection with the ships and emigration. Also including articles about Pioneers & Norwegian Settlements Around the World
Articles about selected ships ships and special events in their history. Descriptions of some of the great maritime disasters involving emigrant ships, like the wrecking of the steamer Atlantic of the White Star Line, sinking of the ocean liner Empress of Ireland and the Thingvalla line steamer Norge disaster. Check this section if you have an interest in shipwrecks.
This section contains articles describing the transatlantic voyage, the condition of the steerage accommodations and the experience of an ocean travel on an emigrant ship. You will find in-depth studies concerning the emigration process, statistics and facts, and information about the immigration processing centers line Castle Garden and Ellis Island.
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