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 S/SJohn Bell18541 101 gross   231.4ft x 32ftAnchor Line
 S/SDiamant18541 101 gross   Allan Line
 S/SJohn Bell18541 213 gross   231.4ft x 32ftAllan Line
 S/SSaint Patrick18541 101 gross   231.4ft x 32ftAllan Line
 S/SAilsa Craig1860225 gross   145.6ft x 18.5ft x 11.1ftAnchor Line
 S/SHibernia18651 569 gross   278.2ft x 33.7ft x 22.3ftAnchor Line
 S/SVenezia1865656 gross   205.5ft x 25ft x 16.5ftAnchor Line
 S/SColumbia (1)18661 698 gross   283.3ft x 33.6ft x 29.4ftAnchor Line
 S/SAcadia1866749 gross   217.2ft x 26.3ft x 17.6ftAnchor Line
 S/SEuropa18671 840 gross   290.4ft x 33.7ft x 29ftAnchor Line
 SailLammershagen1869913 gross   Sloman Line
 S/SAnglia (1)18692 253 gross   325.3ft x 35ft x 22.5ftAnchor Line
 S/SCalifornia (1)18723 287 gross   361.5ft x 40.5ft x 24.2ftAnchor Line
 S/SEthiopia18734 004 gross   402ft x 40.2ft x (24.8ft) 33ftAnchor Line
 S/SHerder18733 494 gross   375.1ft x 40ftHamburg America Line
 S/SGellert18743 533 gross   375.4ft x 40ftHamburg America Line
 S/SCybele18741 980 gross   319.6ft x 34.6ftRed Star Line
 S/SWieland18743 507 gross   375.3ft x 39.9ftHamburg America Line
 S/SLessing18743 496 gross   375.1ft x 40ftHamburg America Line
 S/SKatie (Kätie)18802 796 gross   320.8ft x 40.5ftStettiner Lloyd
 S/SNorge18813 310 gross   340.3ft x 40.8ft x 25ft Scandinavian America Line
 S/SNorge18813 310 gross   340.3ft x 40.8ft x 25ftThingvalla Line
 S/SUlunda18851 789 gross   275ft x 35ftFurness Line
 barkAudun18872 018 gross   NAL - The Norwegian-America Line
 S/SChemnitz18892 758 gross   320ft x 39ftHamburg America Line
 S/SCalifornian18914 244 gross   386ft x 46.1ftAllan Line
 S/SState of California18914 244 gross   386ft x 46.1ftAllan Line
 S/SState of California18914 244 gross   386ft x 46.3ftAnchor Line
 S/SPisa18964 967 gross   389.1ft x 46.1ftHamburg America Line
 S/SMenominee18976 919 gross   475ft x 52.3ftRed Star Line
 S/SMarquette18977 057 gross   486.5ft x 58.2ftRed Star Line
 S/SMontezuma18997 345 gross   485ft x 59ftCanadian Pacific Line
 S/SMarburn190010 576 gross   500.5ft x 59.2ftCanadian Pacific Line
 S/STunisian190010 576 gross   500.5ft x 59.2ftCanadian Pacific Line
 S/STunisian190010 576 gross   500.6ft x 59.2ftAllan Line
 S/SOscar II19019 975 gross   500.8ft x 58.3ft x 29.2ftScandinavian America Line
 S/SHellig Olav190210 085 gross   500.8ft x 58.3ft x 29.2ftScandinavian America Line
 S/SMassilia19025 156 gross   400.5ft x 49.2ft x 31ftAnchor Line
 S/SUnited States190310 101 gross   500.8ft x 58.3ft x 29.4ftScandinavian America Line
 S/SVirginian190410 757 gross   520.4ft x 60.3ftAllan Line
 S/SVirginian190410 757 gross   520.4ft x 60.3ft x 38ftCanadian Pacific Line
 S/SDrottningholm190511 182 gross   517ft x 60ft x 38ftSwedish America Line
 S/SGrampian190710 955 gross   485.7ft x 60.2ftCanadian Pacific Line
 S/SGrampian190710 187 gross   485.7ft x 60.2ftAllan Line
 S/SHesperian190710 920 gross   485.5ft x 60.3ftAllan Line
 S/SHesperian190710 955 gross   485.5ft x 60.3ftCanadian Pacific Line
 S/SAnchoria (2)19115 430 gross   410ft x 53.3ft x 32.8ftAnchor Line
 S/STuscania (1)191414 348 gross   549.3ft x 66.5ftCunard Line
 S/STuscania (1)191414 348 gross   549.3ft x 66.5ft x 45.4ftAnchor Line
 S/SCalifornia (3)192316 792 gross   573.3ft x 70.4ft x 43.1ftAnchor Line
 S/SCaledonia (4)192517 046 gross   505.6ft x 66ft x 35.6ftAnchor Line

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A selection of articles dedicated to help you in your genealogy search for your Norwegian ancestors. Transcripts and pictures of historic documents in connection with the ships and emigration. Also including articles about Pioneers & Norwegian Settlements Around the World
Articles about selected ships ships and special events in their history. Descriptions of some of the great maritime disasters involving emigrant ships, like the wrecking of the steamer Atlantic of the White Star Line, sinking of the ocean liner Empress of Ireland and the Thingvalla line steamer Norge disaster. Check this section if you have an interest in shipwrecks.
This section contains articles describing the transatlantic voyage, the condition of the steerage accommodations and the experience of an ocean travel on an emigrant ship. You will find in-depth studies concerning the emigration process, statistics and facts, and information about the immigration processing centers line Castle Garden and Ellis Island.
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