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Arrival   Sort
  BarkAdler, Capt. StrømBergen Apr. 23 
Quebec June 27 4  
  BarkAmelia, Capt. IversenPorsgrunn Apr. 16 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 20 69  
Quebec  145  
  BarkAskur, Capt. DeckmannDrammen Apr. 15 
Quebec June 21 156  
  BarkBalder, Capt. IsaksenChristiania May 28 
No passenger list available 
Quebec July 17 188  
  BrigBrødrene, Capt. KoenTrondheim May 19 
Quebec  271  
  BarkChristiane, Capt. FredriksenChristiania Apr. 15 
Quebec July 1 347  
Kiel  356  
  S/SExellensen TollChristiania  
Copenhagen  567  
  S/SGanger RolfChristiania  
  BarkGaribaldi, Capt. SeebergChristiania Apr. 26 
Quebec June 29 660  
  ShipGyda, Capt. EriksenBergen Apr. 19 
Montreal June 20 700  
  S/SHakon JarlTrondheim  
Bergen  701  
  BarkHebe, Capt. OlsenStavanger May 13 
Quebec June 23 734  
  ShipHoppet, Capt. SchrøeterBergen Mars 31 
Quebec June 3 862  
  BarkInga, Capt. EvensenKragerø Mars 26 
Quebec June 3 894  
  ShipLady Peel, Capt. BackerSkien - Stathelle Apr. 15 
Quebec June 29 1136  
  ShipLouisiana, Capt. PaulsenBergen Apr. 22 
Quebec June 15 1177  
  ShipMaple Leaf, Capt. FunnemarkPorsgrunn Apr. 15 
Quebec June 28 1192  
  BarkNordlyset, Capt. AbrahamsenChristiania Apr. 30 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 27 1298  
  ShipNorge, Capt. JetmundsenBergen Apr. 24 
Quebec June 16 1320  
  BrigOscar 1, Capt. WesmannChristiania Apr. 26 
Quebec July 16 1482  
  BarkRhea, Capt. MarcussenTvedestrand Apr. 28 
Quebec June 28 1572  
  S/SScandinavian, Capt. FairburnChristiania  
  ShipSjofna, Capt. PetersenPorsgrunn Apr. 16 
Quebec June 29 1697  
  BarkSleipner, Capt. WaageBergen May 15 
Chicago Aug. 2 1713  
  BarkThor, Capt. HeltbergBergen May 5 
Quebec June 25 1920  
  ShipVictor Emmanuel, Capt. KuhnleBergen May 1 
Quebec June 20 2034  
  BarkVictoria, Capt. GulliksenChristiania May 28 
Quebec  2026  
  BrigWilhelm Tell, Capt. ChristophersenChristiania May 7 
Quebec June 20 2074  

Additional journeys or not confirmed journeys:
New York June 6 2453  
  S/SKronprindsesse LouiseChristiania  
Copenhagen  1125  
  BarkLindskjaft, Capt. OlsenBergen Mars 3 
Quebec May 22 1168  

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Newspaper notice clipped from a Trondheim newspaper, printed in Morgenbladet May 4 1861, saying that a number of 150 emigrants had arrived Trondheim from Maalselv and Tromsø on their way to America. They had been offered conveyance on the Brødrene, Capt. Koen from Trondheim, but had proceeded to Bergen on the steamer "Haakon Jarl", to board a ship for America there.

Number of Norwegian immigrants arriving to Canada according to "Sessional Papers of 32 Victoria 1864 (32), the report of Mr. A.C. Buchanan, Chief Immigration Agent."

From: Number:
Arendal 615  
Bergen 1189  
Christiania 1384  
Drammen 130  
Kragerø 80  
Mandal 61  
Porsgrunn 676  
Stavanger 288  
Trondheim 68  
Tvedestrand 214  
TOTAL 5216  

Number of immigrants to Quebec in 1862 was 22,176 of which 3,451 came from Norway and Sweden and 2,516 from Germany. Of the Norwegians there died 184 on the passage and 42 in quarantine, making together 226, or more than four per cent of the whole number.

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