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Arrival   Sort
  Bark4de November, Capt. JohannesenChristiania June 15 
Passenger list 
Quebec Aug. 16 604  
  BarkAmelia, Capt. IversenPorsgrunn Apr. 19 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 11 71  
  BarkAnna Delius, Capt. IversenChristiania Apr. 26 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 17 112  
  ShipArgo, Capt. KuhnleBergen May 17 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 21 146  
  S/SArgo (1)Christiania  
Separate routePassenger list 
  BarkArgonaut, Capt. StrangerChristiania Apr. 7 
Passenger list 
Quebec May 15 150  
  BrigAtalanta, Capt. MoeChristiania Apr. 4 
Passenger list 
Galvastone May 27 168  
  ShipBenedicte, Capt. CappelenChristiania May 1 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 21 204  
  SchoonerBravoDrammen Apr. 23 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 21 265  
  BarkCaroline, Capt. ChristiansenChristiania Apr. 19 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 6 320  
  ShipClaus Heftye, Capt. Andersen jr.Bergen Apr. 23 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 14 373  
Melbourne Sept 411  
  BarkEmerald, Capt. HelgesenChristiania April 30 
Passenger list 
Quebec July 17 531  
  BarkFauna, Capt. HansenDrammen Apr. 30 
Passenger list 
Quebec July 3 583  
  BarkFranklin, Capt. WisnæsTrondheim Apr. 30 
Quebec July 3 622  
  ShipFrigate Bird, Capt. von der LippeBergen May 11 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 23 242  
  S/SGanger RolfChristiania - Arendal - Christiansand  
Separate routePassenger list 
Hamburg  2144  
  S/SGanger Rolf, Capt. NyborgChristiania Apr. 17 
Stavanger  671  
  ShipHannah Parr, Capt. LarsenChristiania Apr. 12 
Passenger list 
Quebec July 28 708  
  ShipHenrich BiørnKragerø  
Quebec July 6 743  
  ShipHeros, Capt. OlsenStavanger Apr. 27 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 2 844  
Tyne  852  
  ShipHiram, Capt. ThomsenStavanger May 8 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 22 856  
  BarkHulda, Capt. MorbergChristiania July 3 
Passenger list 
Quebec Aug. 31 866  
  BarkJohan, Capt. HansenBodø - Namsos May 12 
Passenger list 
Quebec July 14 940  
  BarkJohannes Rød, Capt. RødChristiania ?  
Callao May 7 951  
  ShipLaurdal, Capt. PetersenPorsgrunn Apr. 19 
Quebec June 8 1145  
  ShipManila, Capt. BaarsrudChristiania Apr. 23 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 19 1198  
  ShipMonsoon, Capt. SvendsenKragerø Mars 30 
Passenger list 
Quebec May 15 1235  
  BarkNeptunus, Capt. LudvigsenTrondheim May 13 
Quebec July 15 1270  
  BarkNew Brunswick, Capt. LarsenChristiania May 27 
Passenger list 
Quebec Aug. 18 1265  
  BarkNordlyset, Capt. ChristophersenChristiania May 26 
Passenger list 
Quebec Aug. 2 1302  
  S/SNormandChristiania Jan. 2 
London  2139  
  BarkNornen, Capt. SørensenChristiania Apr. 19 
Passenger list 
Quebec July 6 1349  
  S/SNorth StarChristiania - Christiansand  
Separate routePassenger list 
London  2147  
  ShipOcean, Capt. TorjussenBergen May 3 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 14 1404  
  S/SOderChristiania - Christiansand  
Separate routePassenger list 
  ShipOlaf, Capt. AndersenChristiania Apr. 23 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 27 1426  
  S/SPacificChristiania - Christiansand  
Separate routePassenger list 
  ShipProtectorStavanger May 19 
Passenger list 
Montreal June 29 1554  
  BarkPræciosa, Capt. OlsenMandal  
Quebec June 23 2296  
  ShipRefondo, Capt. HarrisChristiania Apr. 24 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 15 1570  
  BarkRjukan, Capt. HansenSkien Apr. 19 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 13 1582  
  BarkSkien, Capt. MelancthonSkien Apr. 18 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 22 1704  
  S/SSt. OlafChristiania - Arendal - Christiansand  
Separate routePassenger list 
Hamburg  2143  
Passenger list 
Quebec June 6 1826  
  BarkTanaro, Capt. ThorvildsenRisør April 20 
Passenger list 
Quebec May 31 1844  
  BarkVictoria, Capt. LyngaasChristiania April 29 
Passenger list 
Quebec July 16 2028  
  S/SWestphalia (1)Hamburg Dec. 9 
Passenger list 
New York  2063  
Quebec May 29 2090  
  ShipØrnenBergen April 23 
Passenger list 
Quebec June 6 1455  

Additional journeys or not confirmed journeys:
  ShipFrivoldBergen Apr. 2 
Quebec June 13 653  
Melbourne Sept 18 863  
  BarkMarthaBergen May 14 
New Zealand  1208  

  J. A. WernerChristiansandAllan Line
  A. Sharpe - KybringKristianiaAllan Line
  Chr. HenriksenTrondhjemAllan Line
  J. C. BrennechBergenAllan Line
  Hans L. DahlTrondhjemAnchor Line
  C. F. Omang (Hedmarken - Østerdalen)HamarCunard Line
  Stolt, Swang & CoKristianiaCunard Line
  Blickfeldt, Knoph & CoKristianiaGuion Line
  Blickfeldt, Knoph & CoKristianiaHamburg America Line
  H. Heitmann - H. Heitmann & SønKristianiaInman Line
  O. SvensonKristianiaNational Line
  Ferdinand BredaKristianiaSail
  Thorvald H. MoeTrondhjemSail
  Søren A. ParrKristianiaSail
  Schee & AasChristianiaSail
  Thorvald H. MoeTrondhjemSteamship
  H. Heitmann - H. Heitmann & SønKristianiaWilson Line

From "Morgenbladet" May 4th 1868, widow begging for money to go to America

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